Vitamin E 1,000 I.U. ?

I heard vitamin e really helps with skin, so i recently purchased vitamin e 1,000 iu soft gels to take daily. when i saw the 1,000, I was thinking 'the more, the merrier.'

But then I started researching online and found out taking too much vitamin e is actually bad for you. In one of the sites I found, it said:

"the risk of death starts to increase at 150 IU, but at 400 IU, which is the typical dose available in vitamin E capsules, the risk of dying from any cause is about 10% higher than for people not taking the vitamin. At megadoses, such as 2,000 IU of vitamin E, the risk increased more than 20%."

Then in many of the sites, it said the recommended dosage is 22.5 IU (15mg) daily.

I'd really like to keep taking vitamin e supplements, but I don't want to raise the risk of death that high.

Is there a way I can keep taking the 1,000 iu softgels? I was thinking I'd keep taking them, but not daily. Instead, I'll take them every other day or once every 3 days. will that be equal to taking lower doses of the vitamin daily or should i just buy new vitamins closer to the recommended dosage?

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    Tangible is right that 22.5 IU is about 3/4 of the RDA for Vitamin E (which is 30 IU), but the RDA is actually rather low compared to the optimal dose (which is typically around 400 IU). Here's the thing... the article you're referring to is regurgitating the same garbage from a JAMA article in 2005 that was completely flawed in so many ways... first, it was a study done on terminal patients (apparently to see how well Vitamin E cured terminal diseases, which nobody ever suggested it would); second, it was done with synthetic Vitamin E (which actually has a worse effect on your body and can actually be damaging to tissues). The only thing that study actually showed was that Vitamin E doesn't cure terminal diseases, but there happened to be a few more people that succumbed to their disease during the study that were taking the synthetic Vitamin E than the ones taking a placebo so the ones evaluating it twisted the facts to make it sound like Vitamin E will kill you. It's always best to look at the information behind the headlines. ;-)

    With that being said, Vitamin E has been recommended for a few decades at 30 IU as the base level for survival... taking less than that on a regular basis will make you deficient and can make you rather sick. Taking higher levels (within moderation) have been proven in many studies and tests to be very beneficial for overall cardiovascular health (specifically the lungs and heart), eye health, and skin health among other things. If nothing else, FDA regulations wouldn't allow something that will kill you on the market and there has never been a reported death from Vitamin E.

    I would stick with no more than 400 IU daily unless your doctor says otherwise and make sure it's d-alpha tocopherol (not the dl-alpha, as the "dl" indicates it's synthetic). If you are trying to treat a small spot of skin (eg. a scar or damaged patch of skin), it would be more effective to break the softgel open and rub it on the area... if it's for all of your skin, just take the softgel orally. Good luck and I hope I helped!

    [edit]: I almost forgot to mention, if you've already opened the 1,000 IU bottle and you can't return it, you could try taking them every other day or every 3 days if you want to be more cautious. If you haven't opened the bottle yet, I'd try to return it to the store and exchange it for a 400 IU dose.

    Source(s): Health/nutrition classes, personal experience with skin issues, and personal research in my role as a Product Specialist for a vitamin company
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    Vitamin E 1,000 I.U. ?

    I heard vitamin e really helps with skin, so i recently purchased vitamin e 1,000 iu soft gels to take daily. when i saw the 1,000, I was thinking 'the more, the merrier.'

    But then I started researching online and found out taking too much vitamin e is actually bad for you. In one of the...

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    Buy new vitamins with the correct dosage please. 22.5 IU is actually 75/100% of what you need per day, so a little more of that does would not hurt. 1000 IU though, is a lot of vitamin E per day. The best way to get vitamin E is through eating whole wheat products, as vitamin e is high in wheat germ and wheat oil. I say that because the best way to get any nutrient is naturally, there are components in food that interact with the vitamin in a way the vitamin does not interact in a pill.

    You are right about the overdosing. You never want to do too much of any vitamin. I wish the best. Be well.

    Source(s): Studying nutrition to become a Registered Dietitian (Nutritionist)
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    Too Much Vitamin E

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    Too much vitamin E can lead to excessive bleeding, and thinning of the blood. Who knows what the long term complication are.

    Your body can better regulate vitamin absorption from natural sources, like foods. Try eat high vitamin E foods which are mostly nuts, spices, and vegetables that are also high in fiber, which is also good for your skin.

    List of vitamin E rich foods:

    If you want to do something good for your skin, avoid greasy and fatty foods, and stick to high fiber whole foods.

    Try foods high in vitamin A:

    and high zinc foods:

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    yea that's perfectly fine. Any vitamins that aren't absorbed by your body just get excreted through your feces. Good luck with the acne :)

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