Which "White Prison Gang" is considered the most brutal/dangerous?

Yes, I know theyre all very dangerous guys... but my question is which one has the biggest name in jails/prison across America?? I came across this video

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and it has many different gangs like Nazi Low Riders, Peckerwoods, Aryan Brotherhood, Hammerskins, Dead Man Inc, Skinheads, Caucasian Cartel, White Pride World Wide, West Coast White Boys, Irish + Italian Connection(only have big numbers in a few north eastern states and some Florida jails where theres a good amount of Irish and Italians who came from up north), Aryan Circle, Dirty White Boys, Hard *** Crackers(southern gang), Public Enemy Number 1, Fourth Reich, Ethnic White Connection... Bikers: Outlaws, Pagans, Hells Angels and other Biker gangs.

thats what i found from research, some are better known then others, which are known al over?

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    Lol, are you planning on getting locked up and trying to find out which White gang is the best/most powerful to join? Well I was locked up twice here in Texas, the most powerful gang was definitely The Brand aka AB or Aryan Brotherhood of Texas(its the texas chapter of the California one where it originated.) I didn't get involved in anyone of that, but i worked out with a few AB guys and they were some ROUGH dudes bro, not the type of guys you would want to get involved with.

    Also it depends on where you get locked up if your in the North East, its mostly Ethnic Whites like Irish, Italians, Polish, Albanians, Russians, etc and they have the gangs like you mentioned "Irish and Italian connection" which I'm guessing is pretty deep, they also have a large population of skinheads in NY State prisons as well, remember when your locked up, you stick with your race, it dont matter if you italian irish english or whatever, your white.

    The most brutal by far is definitely AB, in Cali state prisons they make accounted for the more then 50% of the murders while making up less then 7% of the prison gangs there. They even beat guards to death. Other prisoners are scared sh!tless of them

    I would say next to AB would have to be Skinheads, Bikers, Peckerwoods. as far as well known, other then that it depends on where you get locked up.

    Remember in jail your either a "wood" or a white boy. If your a wood, your a hard and racist white guy, who takes NO sh!t from blacks or hispanics. the white prison gangs in jail are mostly "woods" willing to fight for themselves. infact you make them take sh!t from you, by instilling fear. its not right, but thats jail pal

    Also AB is not the most dangerous "white gang" its the most dangerous gang in prison, point blank.

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database :
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    9 years ago

    The Bloods

    Source(s): Or Crips
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    4 years ago

    Peckerwood Gang

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    White prison gang? ROFL what a oxymoron. I'd say NONE. Wow I don't even believe this crap.

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