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does anyone know why my computer is giving me an error message internet explorer cannot open the internet site?

like i'm trying to go to the computer keep giving me an error message internet explorer cannot open the site or can somebody please help me

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    If only the sites listed by you are not opened but the rest opens....

    There will be only one reason that the computer is enabled with parental control and restricted some of the sites you can go to the internet options in the internet explorer and remove the sites from the site restriction and get rid of your problem.

    If you still persist with the problem just install some other browsers like chrome or mozilla

  • 3 years ago

    First you ought to configure your structures connections completely. make certain you enter the DNS server handle exact. Now information superhighway explorer 7 is obtainable. attempt utilising that version of information superhighway explorer. aside from all this you ought to replace your homestead windows. make certain you have adequate bandwidth which at cases finally leads to pages being unloaded. Your issue seems somewhat complicated to be solved via. messages. ought to come there to unravel it , which in actuality isn't possible via me.

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