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Ms. Nadal asked in TravelFranceParis · 9 years ago

Première Classe Paris Ouest - Gennevilliers Barbanniers hotel, how to get to Roland Garros from here ?

Hi I need some help in full detail, how would I get to the Roland Garros Stadium from this hotel ? Which metro line to take ? Also how would I get to the hotel from charles de gaulle airport ? many thanks

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  • Tin
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    9 years ago
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    The hotel is in the outskirts of Paris, zone 3. Not a tube station but a rer, it's RER C stop Gennevilliers.


    92230 Gennevilliers

    Téléphone : 0 892 707 235

    Fax : +33 1 40 85 00 21

    Email :

    to know how to get from the hotel to any place around paris

    To go from the airport to the hotel

    (RER B + RER E + tube 3 + RER C)

    The easiest would be to take Air France car line 2 at the airport, get off at Porte Maillot Bd Gouvion Saint Cyr and walk 2' to take RER C Neuilly Porte Maillot. Air France car is a bit more expensive but it's really the best thing to do.

    To go from the hotel to Roland Garros

    Ask at the hotel reception till what time trains work, it should be around 11h30 PM

    Source(s): I live in Paris
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