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How much weight do you lose from baby, placenta,water,ect after having a csection?

How much did you lose right after a csec? Is it less than a natural birth.? What if you have a ton of water retention w.your pregnancy then how much ? (having my baby in 6wks via csection and have been retaining alot of water)

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    I gained 70 lbs my whole pregnancy, and has quite a lot of water retention and I recently had a c section this past wednesday, May 4th. I have already lost 30 lbs. The swelling went down pretty much everywhere except my feet. But they are also going down, slowly but surely. Hope this helps!

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  • Kris
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    9 years ago

    Ugh... I had a c-section and 3 years later.. I ended up with 10 extra pounds.

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  • sydel
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    3 years ago

    Serilsly wait a minimum of nine months and extra like one yr earlier than stressiong out wabout weight. I had twins and I am JUST lately (inside the final few months) completely happy with in which I"m at and really near again to my pre-being pregnant frame. they're 15 months historic! Most men and women mentioned it takes nine-yr to get again on your pre being pregnant frame.. do exactly little matters in the interim.. CONTINUE TO BREASTFEED - burns lots of energy and will get your uterus to decrease again to common measurement quicker and decreases your threat of breast melanoma and is quality in your son. do a little sit down ups, hula hoop, pass up and down your stairs, mow the garden, opt for walks along with your little one, preserve your paintings outs.. as soon as your little one begins strolling you are going to be going for walks after him and cleansing at all times. As lengthy as you're making efforts to beef up your tummy muscle tissue and all that and being aware of your weight and in which you wish to be you will have to be k.. two months isn't just about lengthy ample to begin stressful you will not unfastened it without difficulty. Right now best fear approximately preserving your son healthful.. while you breastfeed your frame has a tendency to maintain on to a few additional weight in order that it is aware of it is going to have whatever to burn if you do not consumption ample (a minimum of that's my idea.. I do not honestly understand that).. do not strain out.. whether it is most commonly your tummy subject, you'll purchase spanx.. I nonetheless put on them usually while I am dressed in whatever chiefly tight for the reason that my tummy is not particularly flat but! Good good fortune!

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