Wiccans, what do you believe? Where do you get your "powers"? What are your core beliefs?

Last time I posted this I didn't get answers from actual wiccans...so...Is it a secret like Scientology?

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    Since Wicca is a non-dogmatic path, (not to mention how diverse the use of the term has become in recent years) I can't speak for all Wicca everywhere, only for myself.

    I'm not a big fan of the word "believe". It's a loaded word. Some people mean by it "what do you have faith in despite total lack of any evidence", and others mean "what has evidence led you to conclude". I am of the later camp. My "beliefs" if you must call them that, are conclusions based on experience. There are plenty of things in the 'verse that I have no answer for, even for myself, and I am ok with that.

    I have experienced specific named energies that can be worked with, and that these energies give the appearance of having personalities. We call them Gods. The shape they take and the personalities may very well be psychological projections of individuals, although too many times I've seen what would amount to mass hallucination of this were the case. (ie. Multiple involved individuals reporting the same or similar experience.) Generally we work with pairs of Gods, one masculine and one feminine.

    The tenet of "As above so below" is core to my working system, as is the tenet that what you put out comes back to you. (This applies not only in punishment, but also in other workings. If you want to find love, you must express love freely, etc.) I am one Wicca who believes that you cannot actively practice Wicca without practicing Witchcraft, as the building of the temple, aspecting of the Gods, cleansing of the Elements and Drawing of the Moon are all magical acts. If you aren't doing those things, IMHO, you aren't practicing Wicca, you are practicing a general pagan path with colored candles in a circle. There is much debate among the Wicca over what actually constitutes "Wicca": Initiation only, proper practice OR initiation, anything goes, etc.

    We don't have "powers" any more than Johnny Wier. Sure, Johnny Weir can do something you can't, but that's because he practices daily and hones his natural ability. We do the same. Any perceived "powers" come from practice, observation, careful application of magical theory, and a general understanding of natural law.

    ETA: By the way, the write up on Wicca at Wikipedia is pretty good, IMHO. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicca

    Source(s): Third degree initiate of a Wiccan Tradition, tho I usually refer to myself as "Witch" to avoid confusion with the love and light crowd.
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    I don't know if I count, as I am a former Wiccan (current atheist.) Wiccans typically believe in a God and a Goddess, but sometimes just a Goddess. Although Wiccans can also believe in a pantheon of gods. The "powers" of a Wiccan are basically the ability to ask the God, Goddess, or gods, to grant favors using ritual magick. Magick can only work through natural channels, such as a spell for money will make a legal settlement more likely to turn out in your favor. The core moral belief is the "Rule of Three" or "Threefold Law" that which you send out comes back at you threefold, and the Wiccan rede "An it harm none do what ye will." Which basically means that as long as you don't hurt anyone, you can do whatever you want.

    And it's not a secret, you can read about it in many books on the subject, as well as online.

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    Wiccans do not have "powers." They can accomplish all the same things non-Wiccans can. Nor are our beliefs a secret, although "what do you believe" is a painfully vague question. What do I believe about what? The full range of my beliefs could take books, not a paragraph.

    here's my usual summary:

    Wicca is a modern, polytheistic religion with ritual generally centered upon a patron god and goddess. It stresses polarity and balance, as well as responsibility for one’s own actions. Wiccans see the physical and spiritual worlds as being intimately connected. Wicca is an esoteric religion, with the real truths of it being learned through experience, rather than through instruction. The various practices of Wicca are to help people find those experiences and lessons. Wicca has no prophet and no holy books.

    More info:


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    Well it is been a at the same time because I brushed up on Wiccan ideals however you did not have a truly reply but (I say sorry redfiredragon, your reply wasn't there while I 1st spoke back) so right here is going: Wiccans think within the god and the goddess. This is typically hooked up to the Sun and Moon. It is a nature centered faith, tons of reverence for the 4 factors. As some distance as powers move - modern day day witches think within the energy to difference their atmosphere via manifesting constructive energies closer to their targets (typically with the aid of the god/goddess) and that over the years they'll gain the ones targets. - Anyone who tells you they are able to shoot lightning from their fingertips are loopy and no longer Wiccans. They will gentle candles, make circles, matters like that buts its most commonly so as to add to the power. -Everybody has special suggestions approximately what Wicca is so I would possibly not be amazed if I get a number of thumbs down and you'll be able to do a little study and select what to think if you are particularly interested.

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    I'm not Wiccan but I find it very interesting. Scientology is really very public. I don't think it's at all secret. You can find the books on the internet, and even free in the library. All 18 of them. Then there's the websites




    As for Wiccans, google is your friend :)

    Here's a few that I found:



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    -Is polytheistic religion focusing upon dedication to patron deities, typically a god and a goddess.

    -Is a modern religion influenced by a variety of pre-Christian beliefs.

    -Views the spiritual and material worlds as overlapping: the gods are not distant beings but entities whose presence we can experience.

    -Stresses personal experience with divinity and developing greater harmony with the larger world.

    -Views the universe as the product of complementary opposites in a system roughly akin to the Chinese concept of yin and yang.

    -Teaches that we all are ultimately responsible for our own actions.

    (From: http://wicca.cnbeyer.com/wicca101/index.shtml )

    You will notice that nowhere up there do they mention anything about spells or the like. Wiccans also have no "powers" per say. Any who work with magic, work with surrounding energies that have been around since the beginning of the universe. It's hardly secret anymore considering you can find out just about anything relating to the religion if you googled it.

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    Wicca is not about "powers"-- no Wiccan thinks he has supernatural "powers"

    Wicca is a religion.

    My core belief is in a Higher Power who I worship as God and Goddess.

    The tenets of my faith teach me how to live my life:

    - to find a healthy balance in things

    - to be personally responsible for my actions and accountable for them

    - to continue to grow and learn and try to improve myself

    I celebrate the cycles of the moon and the seasons, and how they reflect in the cycles of our lives. I revere nature and I relish life and try not to waste it because it is a precious gift.

    Seriously-- ***powers***??? Like, in Charmed or something? No lol--

    Source(s): 20 years being Wiccan
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    If you gather enough experience points you will level up. It's from nature and thinking.

    Source(s): Theistic Satanist
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    The Power of Puberty!

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