What Happend to Music?

Im 13 and i can say to my Mom "What da f*** happen to music?" and she Wouldn't get mad. it would seem like after Kurt Cobain and Easy E Died of a STD and Suicide Music had token a Very big change to "Justin Bieber, FefeDubson, Lady Gaga, Little Wayne" The only good Rock bands i like that still make Good and Meaningful music is Either Metallica or ColdPlay. im not getting mad because those artist have taken all Classic musics fan, im getting CONFUSED because everyone likes them for no reason besides Good looks and some fake voice that can be Perfected by 5,000 buttens in a Studio.

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    I listen to mostly country music and older pop, at first I thought it was just the country music that had changed, and I mean it changed dramatically, but now Im finding that all music genres have changed,all for the worse.There's no emotion or meaning in the music anymore.It seems that now it's all about looks and fake auto tuned voices.There's kids copying child stars, and there not learning how real music is supposed to sound. Most people your age think that today's music is good because they haven't been exposed much to ''what I call'' real music.Im surprised to hear a 13yr.old say this because most your age don't even realize what really good music is.I wish more young people would start realizing that there is a lot better music out there than what their hearing on the radio.The only way the music industry will stop playing crap music is if people stop buying it.If they stopped buying it, they would start changing it back to the more original style, but I don't see that happening.

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    Well one cause is that the artists stopped making use of medications. I imply my dad and mom grew up within the 60's and 70's and again then, alot of musicians did medications. Also, the track enterprise has turn out to be so commercialized, this present day it is extra approximately promoting albums than it's particularly approximately the ardour of constructing well track. I'm the identical approach you're. But I'm 22. I pay attention to love Clapton, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers... I do not precisely pay attention to it always on account that it is pleasant to listen to some thing distinct as soon as in awhile, however track this present day does now not have the creative first-rate that it had, say... 10, perhaps 15 years in the past. There's nonetheless well track in the market. I will agree that almost all track popping out this present day isn't well, first-rate stuff like they'd long ago while. Rap, boy bands, nation, it is not honestly rap, boy bands or nation - it is pop. Pop has a tendency to head in phases. Kind of just like the entire "emo" and "punk" factor. At the time I graduated prime university, tons of individuals have been into crap like Good Charlotte or Hawthorne Heights. I could not stand taking note of that crapola. I continually appreciated Van Halen, Megadeth, difficult rock and screaming guitar solos that holiday your ear drums. I simply pay attention to what I like, now not what individuals inform me is "cool." Not all pop track is crap although. I suggestion T.I.'s Paper Trail album used to be lovely well. Justin Timberlake has a few first rate track out. But Jonas Brothers... I suppose we will be able to all agree they stink.

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    9 years ago

    You're smart for a 13 year old. Music is... Shite. I tend to get by one day at a time by shutting off the radio, and blasting some Aerosmith.

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    9 years ago

    yea if u have a little bit of a voice u can be a millionair if u have the right connections

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  • 9 years ago

    All you have to know is how to talk and know a bunch of rich black people that is ALL...

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