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雨靈 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago


1. to add (A) to (B)2. to balance … with …3. to borrow… from 4. as much of … as5. to press into 6. to have … impact on 7. to be replaced with 8. to play a(n)…role 9. to be at risk of10. at the end of11. to be based on12. to combine (A) with (B) 13. to make an effort14. to transfer … from … to …15. to have …effect on16. to keep records of17. to attract attention from 18. to have trouble + V-ing 19. to get attention from 20. to be required to21. just like 22. the more … the more23. to push oneself to the limit 24. to put stress on

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  • chen
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    9 years ago
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    1 to add (A) to (B) a 加 b

    If you add 2 to 3, you get 5

    2. to balance … with … 與...相稱 與 ...平衡

    I am trying to balance my body on one foot

    3. to borrow… from 由... 借入

    I borrow $ 100 from my friend

    4. as much of … as 與相同..... 之 多

    I have as much of money as you .5. to press into 按下

    Please , you can press into this button ,the door is opened.6. to have … impact on 有…衝擊 使.....有影響

    His speech has to make a great impact on audiences7. to be replaced with 替换 [ 人, 物 ]

    This important job, I have to do something

    . that Mr.,A is replaced with Mr,. B.8. to play a(n)…role 扮 演…角色

    All of women will need to play a good wife's role

    9. to be at risk of 冒.... 危險

    I am doing something at the risk of my life.

    10. at the end of 終於...

    I am going on my vacation at the end of May

    11. to be based on 基於....

    My opinion is based on the facts

    12. to combine (A) with (B) a 想 與 b 合作

    In order to making money, our company have to combime

    . with another one.

    13. to make an effort 努力....

    Please,make an effort to get my home on time.

    14. to transfer … from … to … 從.. 轉乘....到....

    At Taipei station, I transfer by MRT from here to Taipei-Zoo.

    15. to have …effect on 有... 效果

    This medicine has an effect on me

    16 to keep records of 保持... 記錄

    This player on the sport is always to keep the records of No 1

    . in the world.

    17. to attract attention from 從....受到注意

    Typhoon are really to attract attention from disaster in Taiwan.

    18. to have trouble + V-ing 困擾於.....

    Cancer with the patients in the world has trouble treating

    19. to get attention from 從. .. 得到關心

    He is now getting attention from his family

    20. to be required to 有... 需要

    My car is now required to repair

    21. just like 像......猶如....

    This person is just like my brother

    22. the more … the more 愈... 愈

    The more money you have , the more one you spend.

    23. to push oneself to the limit 勸勸自己.....

    My mother advises that I must push myself to the limit spending.

    24. to put stress on 被.... 壓著

    Don't put stress on such a work, I am so tired.

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  • 老登
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    9 years ago


    Good job !

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