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write a poem about yourself 10 pts to the best!?

it doesnt matter wat type of peom just has to answer

what do you represent?

my identity?

how am i unique?

the mystery behind me?

secrets i hold inside? and

interesting thing about me.

i just want examples for one i am writing. what would you put?? write a poem about yourself.

please and thank you!

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    My life's a swirl,

    For I am a girl.

    I speak of myself best,

    I bear my own crest.

    And I'm a little more brief,

    No one else can replace me - I'm the chief.

    You don't know,

    How low,

    My tolerance is,

    Yeah my temper can really fizz.

    I got time,

    Is it really a crime?

    Can I say,

    That everyday,

    This hair grows longer,

    And inside I'm stronger.

    What doesn't look good on me is yellow,

    Don't make me wear it or I'll bellow.

    I am the proud owner of pointy elfin ears,

    At them no one jeers,

    My amazing hearing,

    I don't like leering.

    Words of a wise one,

    Don't stare at the sun!

    There's no other way of pulling me on,

    I won't fall for a con,

    And I hate,

    Ones who need to be fake.

    That's me in a nutshell,

    Does any of it ring a bell?


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    my life is a rhythm

    when a song sounds so beautiful

    iam beautiful

    when then song sound lovely that it makes me cry

    iam sad and emtionallly hurt

    when i dance to the song

    iam happy

    the rhythm that i feel during that that time

    always reflects my mood

    if im rhythm and blues

    iam happy and feeling good

    if im smooth jazz

    iam relaxed enjoying my life

    if iam gospel

    iam spiriually upplifted and motivated again

    if iam slow gem

    im being romantic

    what would i be if iam inlove

    if iam listening to radio im seeking motivation

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