Salt water flush and birth control pills while on lemonade cleanse?

I'm going to start the lemonade cleanse in a few days and the cleanse states that no vitamins or medication should be taken. Can I continue taking my bc pills (Yaz) during the cleanse or wait till my current pack of pills is done?

Is it completely necessary to do the salt water flush? I was thinking of just drinking the laxative tea once in the morning, and once at night. Benefiber is also out of the question right?

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  • Karira
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    10 years ago
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    I would wait until you have finished your current pack of pills and do it after. Even if it is ok for you to take your pills on an empty stomach, I wouldn't advise it, also so because of the laxative effect of the diet I'm not sure that they would be absorbed properly, so you should probably use another form of contraception to be extra safe. I would steer clear of any laxative substances other than the senna tea and salt flushes recommended by the diet. You probably don't have to do the salt water flush, but I found it worked well. It works really quickly and is usually over within half and hour. Use warm water, sea salt (NOT IODIZED SALT!!!) make it to exactly the concentration recommended by the diet (If I remember correctly: one teaspoon in one liter of water) Just block your nose and pretend you're drinking soup.

    Source(s): 9 days on the lemonade diet.
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    flush in the morning and take your pill before bed.

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