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R&P:what are some artists that your friends hate but you love?

most of my friends have really bad taste in music they hate

the beatles

led zeppelin

the rolling stones

avril lavigne(I have a few friends who like her and metal)

almost all metal

BQ:what are some artists that you hate but your friends love?

lady gaga

justin beiber


taylor swift

maroon 5

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    I love:

    red Hot Chili Peppers

    Nine Inch nails


    Mother Love Bone




    The Rolling Stones

    jimi Hendrix

    Im only 13 so I can understand that they all like pop music only.

    They love:

    Taylor Swift

    And every new rapper imaginable. I only like old school rap like Public Enemy.

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  • 9 years ago

    Artists I love, but my friends hate:

    The Smiths

    The Beatles


    Artists I hate but my friends love:


    Black Eyed Peas

    Maroon 5

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  • Ace
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    9 years ago

    Do you actually have friends who hate The Beatles and the Stones? I've never heard of that. Ever.

    The problem with most of my friends is that they haven't heard of most of my favorite artists. I'm no hipster; in fact, a good portion of them are rather popular. Most of my friends just have terrible taste in music.


    Iggy Pop




    Social Distortion

    Fair to Midland

    Nine Inch Nails

    My friends like:

    Gross hipster music

    Gross pop music

    Gross screamo music

    Gross grunge music

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  • 9 years ago

    I love SlipKnoT, but my bf hates them. I guess it's understandable, though, because we're from the Cleveland area and he used to go to Mushroomhead concerts and hang out with them backstage back before they were famous. And, yes, we all know that Mushroomhead started 2 years before SlipKnoT, so he's still on the whole ripoff thing (even though GWAR, Mr. Bungle, etc. have done the masks before either of them). But, whatever, I love both of them. Yes, they may look similar, but they sound nothing like each other or any other band that I've ever heard. I think both are awesome. And, besides, they made peace last year when Mushroomhead gave SlipKnoT their condolences after they lost their bassist (RIP Paul Gray). They finally dropped the whole rivalry, so I wish my bf could too.



    Youtube thumbnail


    "Your Soul is Mine"

    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ: I try to be open to my bf's music, so that's another reason that it upsets me a little that he hates one of my fave bands. He got me into Dimmu Borgir, King Diamond and Pantera and he once took me to an Alice Cooper concert (it was awesome; definitely made me a huge fan), so I actually like his taste in music and I don't really have any other friends. But my parents, sister and brother-in-law all love Country and I'm not a big Country fan, so I guess I have to go with pretty much any Country artist, but especially Blake Shelton only because that damn "Hillbilly Bone" gets on my freaking nerves. And since everyone knows that, they always have to torture me with it by turning the radio full blast every time it comes on. AAAHHH!

    Blake Shelton (featuring Trace Adkins)

    "Hillbilly Bone"

    Youtube thumbnail

    See what I mean? :p

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  • 9 years ago

    the rolling stones, air supply. My friends hate them. I am THE biggest fan of AC/DC and led zeppelin. But some of my friends do like them. My other favs are mtorhead, DIO, nirvana, the who, the ramones, black sabbath, beatles and many rock bands from around 80s.....

    I hate it when they listen to kesha, katy perry, rihanna and shits like that......when they dont respect real music!!

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  • 9 years ago

    My friends hate basically everything I listen to. They don't like Metallica, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, and Black Sabbath. Basically everything I like they hate!


    New Boyz

    Lil' Wayne (he has some good songs)


    Whiz Khalifa (though I like Black and Yellow)

    Nikki Minaj (she is soooooooooooooooooooooooo whack)

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  • I like a few hip hop artists like Donnis and K'naan because some of them are strictly metalcore/deathcore, etc.. It's sad.



    Job for a Cowboy

    As Blood Runs Black

    Nirvana - I LIKE Nirvana. Don't get me wrong. But they worship this average band and see Kurt Cobain as a god.

    Asking Alexandria

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  • osbon
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    4 years ago

    in the back of Blue Eyes by using the who's a staggering music! yet Limp Bizkit destroyed it. The Nirvana version of the guy Who offered the be conscious, initially by using David Bowie, is damaging. The weapons n Roses version of Knockin' on Heavens Door, initially by using Bob Dylan, sucks. there are so plenty extra that i basically won't be in a position to think of of genuine now. :D

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My Friends hate:

    Any Extreme Metal band I listen to (really heavy death metal too), basically anything without alot of melody

    Alot of the more "artsy" or progressive stuff I listen to they don't like, not hate or anything but they can't get into it


    One of my friend's started listening to shity music recently b/c of chicks: **** like three days grace, avenged sevenfold, mainstream rap

    Youtube music/parodies

    Happy techno

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  • 9 years ago

    My sister thinks Louis Armstrong's voice is creepy! what the hell,right?

    How could someone not like "What a Wonderful World'???? :/

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