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Questions about YG Entertainment auditions?

1. I heard that Rain auditioned like 18 times till he got in, but how much of a time gap is there till you can audition again if you don't make it in?

2. When auditioning for the first part, is it better to just sing, dance, or both?

3. If accepted, will they allow for high school to be completed before training? Or do you train and then they pay for high school classes in Korea?

4. By going through thousands of auditions, about how many get in per year?

5. What kind of people are they looking for?

If you think I'll need any more information, please feel free to write it down. It would be very helpful. :)

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    1) No times gaps! But i think its better to have a time gap because they won't be so annoyed with you and also you get time to train yourself more.

    2) When you are emailing them the audition, nope! But it depends on what you are best at and what you are doing. Its best if you can do both of them and audition like that but I think that working in 1 area will help more

    3) You will be going to school in Korea while your training. Heres how it goes-Wake up in the morning-> Get Ready->Go to School-> Go to your house and change or what ever you need to fast!->Go train->Be done at about 10-> Go to Bed and the whole thing repeats it self except on Sundays.

    4) Don't know what you mean by that but i am kind of guessing on what your question means. They all get through to them, they might not check all of their auditions, thats why stars today audition again and again so they can get more of a chance to get looked at and get their big break!

    And if you mean by how many people get through? The not a lot. After all the years that YG has been there, they only have a few trainees, everyone says they have thousands, NOT TRUE! only in the 20s and 30s of trainees are there.

    5) People with talent for YG. Yes EVERY company bases on looks, if you have GREAT looks that will help in a lot of companies. YG really doesn't care if you have AMAZING looks and a horrible voice, they want someone with talent. I mean you could be ugly and sing ok and they might not accept you and a really pretty person could sing ok and get in. But the basic thing is TALENT!

    Hope it helped!

    Source(s): Friend thats trainee
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    1. You can audition anytime there is audition. I don't think there is a time gap.

    2. well. depends. do what you are best at.

    3. if you make it, you become a trainee. They don't pay for anything. You have to pay everything. And yes, they will let you complete high school.

    4.I am not sure.... not a lot though..

    5. good dancers, energetic. good singers.

    They won't pick you just because you are good at singing or dancing. sorry to tell you this but.. You have to be pretty and skinny. Unless you are SUPER talented... Most of Korea's entertainments are like that. I am SM trainee. My friend was a pretty good singer but she wasn't that pretty...I guess.. She didn't make JYP, YG nor SM.....

    good luck :)

    Source(s): I am SM trainee...
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