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Which is better RIDGID, DeWalt, Makita?

I want to know which is the best because i am purchasing one of these brands soon. I want to know which is the longest lasting, warrenty, toughest. I like the RIDGID because of the battery and lifetime they have but i have heard such good things about dewalt and makita i just dont know which to choose, i would take great care of them. Used for plumbing. would buy 18v lithium ion sawzall, drill driver, impact driver, light. Need to know which is the best. ALL HELP IS WELCOMED AND THANKED!!!

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    I use Dewalt too. I got an 18V and 14.4V drill. Had the 14.4V for 7 years and used it every day. My 18V for 3 years and use that one every day. Batteries are awesome. Got them in my truck throughout the year and they last - winter and summer. Super tools.

    My tip for you: Find your tools on - the customers there will have commended on your tools. Helps me make future decisions.

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    I have DeWalt 18v stuff and Makita 18 lithium. I love the lithium charge time, it makes for less hassles. Makita tools have always lasted years for me(I still have a belt sander from the early 80's). I believe the batteries for Makita are just better. The only reason I have two DeWalt's is the angle drill is a beast with mega torque and is great. The DW sawzall is nice that you can put the blade in sideways for pesky flush cuts. Otherwise I vote for Makita all the way. If you're using it for work like I do you don't want it pooping out on you at the wrong time(Murphy's Law).

  • Wow you'll probably get a lot of different answers. Just thought I'd give you my opinion. I've used just about every brand except for the Makita. Another person wrote already and said they were good tools so I believe them and I've heard good things about them.

    I used DeWalt tools for years and loved them. Very tough and will stand up to just about everything...except the batteries don't seem to last as long as others.

    I was in the market for the same set a couple months ago. I had heard a lot of good things about Rigid and I bought a set. The set was just a bit cheaper than DeWalt. I've used them hard for the last 3 months and I'm not happy with them. I actually wrote to the company and told them of some of the design flaws. To their credit they answered me a we exchanged a few emails. The tools are tough, but the battery design I feel is horrible. My batteries are hard to get on and off the tools and will often jam which drives me crazy. The light on the impact drill comes on as the drill starts to turn, which makes the light useless as you can't get a bit onto a screw as it's turning. The blade on my sawzall will often come out while I'm using it hard. Not sure why but it's annoying. These may be isolated and I dont know if anyone else has had these issues with Rigid or not...just my opinion. I do like the toughness of the tools and the power, as well as the charging system.

    Just wanted to give you my opinion. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Ridgid Cordless Tools Vs Dewalt

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    I have used all brands, makita has had fewest problems. Guys I work with convince themselves dewalt is best,even tho the batterys dont last, if there dropped there usually toast. I use the same makita day in , day out, all day. Same batterys after years. The impacts are great, maybe that and a hammer drill 18 v and I have to pick electric for a sawzall for heavy duty pipe and metal use.

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    I've owned them all and I now prefer Makita. Regards, Dale

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    9 years ago

    If buying the multi set for plumbing rigid is the best. Check warranty not sure what it is!

  • 9 years ago

    I own and prefer DeWalt.

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