I need two different views on protecting the environment?!?!?

I need to make a poem for English, and I need some historical background and two different points of views for protecting the environment. Like someone wants to protect the environment, and another person doesn't want to.

Basically, I need a argument which can be made into a poem using historical information about protecting the environment.

Please help me. Thank you very much <3

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    10 years ago
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    An idea you might ponder upon is the ongoing conflict that has existed between resource harvesters as in loggers, miners, fishermen, cattle ranchers, agriculture, etc. who make their living off the land vs the extreme preservationists who want to lock up land resources and let everything remain natural, undisturbed by humans.

    The quandary is we accuse the harvesters of being the great destroyers while supporting the latter as being pro conservation or preservation. The factual truth is that it is the harvesters who do the most to truly preserve resources as they work with the natural cycles of nature as it progresses from bare land to seedling, to crop or resource, to barren land again, employing it for the beneficial use of man and other creatures by means of wise use or intelligent management. Preservationists labor under the illusion that nature is static and that it should stay in its beautiful state forever.

    If you can make a poem depicting the irony between these diverse and opposing viewpoints, I would be much honored to receive a copy. Anything between wise use vs no use of resources work here.

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