What if Magnum TA had not been in an Automobile Accident in 1986?

BQ-1: Would The NWA have had Magnum TA beat The Nature Boy Ric Flair for The NWA Title in 1987 instead of The Man With The Hands of Stone Ronnie Garvin?

BQ-2; What would have happened to The Career of Nikita Koloff? Would he have remained a Heel and The NWA have brought in Vladimir Petrov to take the place of Krusher Khruschev?

BQ-3; Would Magnum TA have feuded with Lex Lugar somewhere down the road?

BQ-4: What would this have mean to the career of Sting?

BQ-5: Could you see Magnum TA joining the Four Horsemen at sometime in his career?

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. Magnum was hand-picked by Flair to "inherit" the NWA World Championship. Garvin was given the title because nobody else wanted to be "transitional champ" for the couple months leading up to the Starrcade where Flair regained the title. Garvin was the only one who agreed to take the title at that time. Magnum was supposed to take the torch from Flair and "carry" the NWA.

    2. Nikita would have remained a heel, I believe, and been elevated to number one heel and Magnum's main rival. Nikita was as over as Magnum was. It would have been a helluva marquee rivalry for the NWA at the time, especially given the political "mood" of the world, with the Cold War ending and Reagan and Gorbachev trying to make peace between our countries. Nikita likely would have continued the old anti-USA Russian mindset.

    3. Without doubt. Magnum was the hugely popular babyface "working man" and Luger would have been the arrogant "superman" heel. Big business right there. Not too dissimilar to the Cena - Batista rivalry of the recent past.

    4. Sting would have eventually become the "franchise" and top guy anyway, it just would have taken a little longer. Magnum was VERY popular but he was perhaps a little TOO "southern". Sting had more universal appeal and would have been passed the torch eventually.

    5. Nope. Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A., the one constant in the "Horsemen"-era NWA. Others floated around this angle, some siding with Rhodes and Magnum, some siding with the Horsemen, but it was always Dusty and Magnum against them, trying to run the Horsemen out. I'd no more picture Magnum joining the Horsemen than I would Dusty.

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  • Steve
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    9 years ago

    BQ-1: Yes. He probably would have beaten Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Starrcade '87.

    BQ-2: He would have stayed heel a couple more years.

    BQ-3: Yes

    BQ-4: Little, if any.

    BQ-5: No. At least not the heel horsemen. Maybe the face horsemen that Sting was a part of.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The real question is what would have happened if the Von Erichs weren't so messed up on drugs and the father Fritz Von Erich expanded like Vince did? I think wrestling would be much different now.Magnum TA was one man WCCW in Texas was 4 brothers and a bunch of great wrestlers like Gino Hernandez and Chris Adams and so on.I think if Fritz had the vision WCCW would be the Number one league of wrestlers.

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  • storms
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    3 years ago

    Hands Of Stone Ronnie Garvin

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  • He might have been Hulk Hogan in WWF.


    BQ2:Very likely

    BQ3:Maybe,but Luger isn't a great opponent.

    BQ5:Only in World Championship Wrestling but not in National Wrestling Alliance.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He would be here in time for may 21st....

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