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US: Does "Immigration Reform" really mean "let's just let all the illegals stay"?

I really see nothing wrong with our immigration rules. People follow them every day with no problems.

Why should undesirable illegals have their status legalized? Wouldn't that only be a reward for them breaking the rules?

Just what part of "illegal" don't these people understand, is it the "il" or the "legal" part.

The prefix "il" means against or counter to something. And we all know that legal means the law. How stupid do these people have to be? Or better yet, how stupid do they think WE are?

Immigration, yes.

Illegals, NO!


We already had one Amnesty, some years back, and our government SWORE to us it was a one-time-deal, just a catch-up, to make our immigration rules easier to enforce in future.

There were 3 or 4 MILLION illegals made legal. Now there are 20 odd million people waiting for Immigration Reform (another name for Amnesty). If we do this again, how many MORE illegals will come and just sit it out until the NEXT Amnesty. First time 3 or so million, this time 20 million, how many TENS OF MILLIONS will come here awaiting a third.

Illegal immigration is changing the entire complexion of our fair nation.

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    well, now Bush swore that wasn't what he meant. so why would you assume Obama means that? anyway, DHS only estimates 10 million illegal immigrants in the US, not 20. you're so melodramatic. Anyway, neither Bush nor Obama are obliged to honor Reagan's promises.

  • Nandu
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    9 years ago

    Everyone, outside of the US, believes that the opportunities in the US are worth the effort, but if you went to their country in the same manner, you would be immediately thrown in jail for coming to their country illegally. You can't even get work in another country without the appropriate paperwork.

    The US was too lenient in the beginning and they are now trying to fix thing with illegals, by making the lives of Legal immigrants hell.

    It not fair. These immigration reform rules should be preventing those living in the US from coming and staying here so easily. But instead, Legal immigrants (or Permanent Resident Aliens) are being forced to pay more in resources just to remain here and then, those of us who are legal and wish to become citizens are paying an arm & a leg after years of being law abiding residents.

    What Immigration Reform actually means is penalize those who do good because of those that do ill. Sometimes, it seems like its not worth the effort

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    someone said that obama has ordered ice to stop talking in all the immigrants; You are very wrong! if you come down to my town you see immigration taking hard working people from there family.! instead of taking people who are actually working they should be out there capturing REAL CRIMINALS! i think there should be a reform because the people who come here from othere countries are here to work and make there lifes a little better. Maybe not all of them, but most of them. If what they want is to take illegal immigrants then take the ones who actually deserve to be taken, why destroy the ones who don't deserve it.! I come from an immigrant family, and i will always stand up for them.

  • π
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    The current administration, and the last one as well, wants to allow a pathway to citizenship for any and all illegals currently in the US who do not have a history of criminals offenses under their belt. Of course this means overlooking the original offense of illegally entering the country.

    Let's not repeat the disaster from 1986: Amnesty does not work.

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    it quite is worse than that. criminal immigration additionally degrades the pay scale, which impacts all sorts of employment ( no longer in basic terms picking fruit ). So no longer in basic terms are they rapidly up stealing billions from you.. they are additionally inflicting you to make deliver homestead much less first of all. And no Drake.. those are no longer bloated numbers. If something they are overly conservative. in case you undertaking from the final actual learn on criminal immigration.. the huge style is interior the 20 thousands and thousands. in spite of the shown fact that, the fee they are coming right here has bigger.. so it quite is probable nearer to 30 million. The 12-sixteen million huge style is from a learn extra advantageous than a decade previous.

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    9 years ago


    "Immigration Reform" = Code words for Blanket Amnesty for ALL illegals.

    Source(s): Amnesty= Civil War.
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    9 years ago

    Who needs "immigration reform:. Obama is already doing that! He ordered ICE to stop deporting aliens unless they commit a major felony...which means they practically have to try to kill someone to get kicked out. Being in illegally isn't enough.

  • Jan
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    9 years ago

    Yes,that is exactly what it means. And also bring your entire family here too.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    With Obama's non-serious politicking speech yesterday, with it's "the border is good enough" nonsense, I suppose so.

    And for the record I'm in favor of making it easier for Mexicans to legally come here and do the work that whiny, lazy, entitiled Americans won't do. Because that's what the vast majority of them do in fact do. But to call the border mess solved is more Obama bullshit.

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