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? asked in Science & MathematicsWeather · 1 decade ago

Why is it going to rain and be close to 10 (and a couple days more than 10) degrees below average?

This is for San Jose, California. Its weird, its supposed to be 75 on average as of today according to wunderground, yesterday was, but for the next week till Tuesday its going to be in the mid 60s and one day 62. It just seems unusual for May to belike this, usually its stable and temperatures aren't 65 for a week then like 85 a couple days. Usually they're more consistently warm. Does anyone know why the weather this spring is so strange in central to northern California? Is it La Nina?

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    It's cause you don't live in Irvine baby!! Irvine is where its at!

    P.S. You should pick me as your best answer or else we won't be buddies anymore...

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    There is a fairly deep trough (storm system) that will be parked off the coast for a few days, that will keep temperatures below normal. I think earlier in May you had high temperatures quite a bit above normal (86 on the 4th, 89 on the 5th) so you should remember that averages typically form from numbers that are above the average sometimes and below the average others. Places that are near their average every day are usually located in the tropics, not the mid-latitudes.

    It's difficult to blame individual weather events on things like La Nina--it's just weather.

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