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73 Divisions in Islam and One True Jama'at?

So I've been researching about the divisions of Islam of which I don't quiet understand. (I'm Christian). These divisions just fascinate me and I want to know more about it. So to those who know about it, why are there so many divisions? What happens to all the rest of the divisions, will they just all go to hell despite the fact that they have been worshipping God all this time? I find it shocking how spending your entire life worshipping and sticking to one division is like a risk, a gamble? < If this is the case then there probably isn't any chance for other religions who believe in one God to join in heaven? This confuses me.

Apologies if I've misunderstood. Also, if you are Muslim, which one do you follow? Thanks.


Nihil - Like I said, I'm researching on Islam not Christianity 'moron'.

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    Out of 1.5 billion people 85% follow one sect, Sunni Islam.

    The rest but only leaving less than 1% follow Shia Islam, so approx 14%.

    The rest are where the many sects are.

    Sunni Islam is the largest religion the world.

    Only 1 billion Catholics.

    1.275 billion Sunni Muslims. Approx.

    Hope I helped, the majority follow 1, the minority follow another large sect and the rest are divided.

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    We are asked to use our brain and logic while researching.

    Islam has been proven to be the right path through logic.

    Now when we come to the 73 divisions. We can use Logic, Quran, and Hadith to find out the true path.

    I am a Shia Muslim and there are about 300 million Shia Muslims around the globe making about 20% of the Muslim Community

    I suggest that you watch these videos to see how the basic beliefs of Shia Muslims can be proven logically:

    Principles of Islam Course by Dr. Sayed Khalil Tabatabai

    Source(s): If you want more details, feel free to view the following sources: The Holy Quran Islamic Teachings in Brief by Allamah Tabatabai More than 600 English Islamic Online books can be found on
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    The real faith? You have received to be kidding? If your Allah is so high-quality why does he want me for his jihads? Can't the high-quality author of the Universe combat his possess battles? And to the man or woman who makes use of the poetic imagery of the koran as evidence of ways scientifically correct it's, please provide an explanation for the next quote: "Now permit guy however suppose from what he's created! He is constructed from a drop emitted-Proceeding from among the spine and the ribs," (Qur'an 86:five-7). It looks as even though the author of the universe demands a lesson or 2 in human sexuality. Please inform me how allah might have potentially gotten this flawed?...... except.... it is all only a gigantic hoax? The extra folks be trained approximately islam and the koran the extra folks will flip clear of it. I strongly suppose islam's days are quantity. But what's going to change it you ask? Hopefully anything that may a minimum of rise up to a bit little bit of scrutiny

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    So who are the believers and how do we become one of them? Allah says, "They believe in Allah and the Last Day, and they enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong and they strive with one another in hastening to good deeds, and those are among the good."

    ....................................YOU can view full details in Shariah Program.

    A journey through traditional learning.

    One who follows Islam exactly as written in quran not according to comforts of the world thats what i feel.

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    The major ones are Sunnism and Shiasm. The rest have very few followers, so I don't feel like listing their names.

    As for Shiasm and Sunnism, the differences are mainly historical and have little bearing to the present day Muslims, so only a wilfully ignorant person would argue against this.

    @How Did We Burn Salad: "Sunni Islam is the largest religion the world."

    Since when we had a "religion" called Sunni Islam? No matter how big it is, it is still a sect, not "another religion". We have one Islam and different opinions. Stop making it sound as if there are more than one "Islams". And for your information there are over 300 million Shia Muslims in the world. THat's a little bit more than "1%". Take a math class or something.

    Source(s): Shia Muslim
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    Basically 2 divisions into Sunni and Shia historically the third were the kharijites, the 72 thing is from a dubious Hadith but some like to use it, and of course if they Are in the ""true" sect

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    Salam alaikum ( Peace be upon you )

    The Beloved Prophet (Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “I have left two things behind me for you (the Ummah). You will never go astray as long as you follow these two things. One of these two things is Allah’s Holy Book (the Qur’an al-Kareem) and the other is the Sunnah of his Most Beloved Prophet (Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam).” (Muwatta Imam Malik)

    Surely allah is the most merciful and most gracious ... these are only two of his names rahman al raheem .. if we muslims do not commit shirk and worship allah alone, enshallah he will forgive us ( REMEMBER THE HADEETH THAT IS ABOVE ) .. since we their is only one god and prophet muhammad is his last and final messenger ... we pray 5 times a day and do the fards and do the voluntary acts of worships .. surely allah is Al khaliq ( The creator ) and no one diserves to be worshipped EXCEPT the one who created me ... This is my answer and may allah enshallah forgive me if i have wronged ameen ..

    nihil- why are you complaining ? She/he didnt say anything wrong so please remember allah and seek refuge from shaitan ... remember that That person is seeking knowledge and the prophet (pbuh) said (translation) - seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every muslim

    Source(s): Dedicated muslim ... Student of the holy quran and Bible :) Any questions im happy to answer, Peace be with you! My yahoo is
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    It confuses me that you don't realize how many divisions Christianity has. Kill yourself, moron.

    EDIT-You are complaining about all of the divisions of Islam, and you recognize that it's a gamble, yet you overlook the same flaws in your own religion.

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    Thank you for asking. The companions asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) about this and he replied that the correct group is the one that follows the Quran and Sunnah. i,e the way that he and his companions are on.

    We are the Ahlus Sunnah wa Jamaah - The people of the Sunnah and of the community (the Jamaah). Not those break away groups, you can recognize them buy the labels they have attached etc.

    There is no risk, if one follows the guidance given to us, not to follow our own desires and whims

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    Brother,In Islam,there is no sects or division.Those are just man made.Quran and hadith are strictly against sects in Islam.Read Quran and hadith to know real and only true Islam.

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