What are my chances at Duke University?

I really want to study political science at Duke.

Here's a reflection of my high school years:

Freshman & Sophomore Years: Freshman year my grades were a little low. By Sophomore year, I was literally earning C's and D's. But, the summer after my sophomore year, I was diagnosed with ADD and starting taking medicine for it.

Junior Year (1st Semester) Grades:

Junior English (4.5 Grading Scale): B

US History (4.0): B

Spanish (4.0): B+

Journalism (4.0): B

Math (4.0): A-

Junior Year (2nd Semester) Grades:

AP Macroeconomics (5.0 Grading Scale) B --With a 5 on the AP Test! Yess!

English (4.5): B+

US History (4.0): A-

Spanish (4.0): A

Math (4.0): B+

Journalism (4.0): A-

Junior Year, I joined Model United Nations. I was chosen to attend conferences at Northwestern, Brown, and more.

This year I am the Vice President of a writing club. I was able to bring the club up, when it was losing members.

I have also completed about 250+ hours of community service.

I have been singing and playing piano since I was about ten and have been playing guitar since I was about 14. Music is one of my biggest passions :)

My Senior Year Schedule:

AP Government & Comparitive (5.0)

AP Spanish (5.0)

AP Statistics (5.0)

Anatomy (4.5)

AP Micro (5.0)

AP Lit (5.0)

My Act Score is a 32 (U of C's range is about 29-31)

My SAT Score is 2110.

I took 3 SAT Subject Tests: Chemistry (760), World History (750), US History (780)

-I am positive I can write an amazing college app essay.

-I am also sure that I will recieve great recommendations from my teachers.

My Overall GPA will be around a 3.5. But, my counselour told me that for me, GPA isnt something that they will use against ME when looking at MY application, because my low freshman and sophomore year grades were because of my ADD.

So..what do you think? Do I have a chance? Please give me an honest answer. I also, please give me any other suggestions on what I should do to my application stronger! Another thing that is bothering me is that I haven't won awards. Also, junior year, because of my ADD, I only took one AP. How bad is that? My senior year schedule is pretty rigorus though! Please let me know! :) And thanks! :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well, Duke is a very selective school, but you should never ever be discouraged from applying to a school! Where's the harm, right? I was a senior applying to college this past year and I actually had a 2110 on my SAT as well (just thought that was a funny coincidence). Anyways, make SURE you include your struggle with ADD in your college application, otherwise those grades will honestly destroy your chances. Most schools will ask you to submit two SAT subjects, and I highly recommend you choose Chemistry and U.S. History since they are your strongest scores and show diversity in your abilities. If you are passionate and show talent in music, then I would definitely recommend creating a music supplement. Also, make sure you're not overloading your senior schedule because you want to make up for your freshman grades. Low Bs and Cs in an AP class will not necessarily look better than an A in a lower level class. Make sure that in your academics and your extracurriculars, you are pursuing interests similar to those you have for college! If you want to be prelaw, volunteer at your local teen court. If you want to be a history major, volunteer at a local museum. Make sure you are very detailed about your accomplishments as Vice President of your writing club and in any other leadership roles you possess.

    Also, if you are very serious about consideration at Duke, the best place to ask for honest answers and helpful recommendations is the admissions committee at the college itself. If you can, visit the campus and interview with admissions. ONLY INTERVIEW WITH ALUMI IF ADMISSIONS IS UNAVAILABLE TO DO IT. When I talked to Harvard about my application, they said this was a critical factor that I missed out on.

    I'll be honest, this college will be a stretch for you, and it's unfortunate because it seems that you have successfully managed your ADD and show promise for the future. I am confident that your chances have increased because of this and that if Duke understands this, then they will give your application serious consideration. Good luck!!

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  • 3 years ago

    Duke Chances

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  • 4 years ago

    Your extracurriculars sound good, as does your GPA- so all that's left is your SATs, and I'd say you should try and get them up a bit higher to really make Duke want you. Nail your APs and I'd say you're good to go. Good luck :)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your 3.5 GPA and 2110 SAT are so far below those of competing Duke candidates that you humiliate yourself just by applying. Your "amazing essay" will just get laughed-at.

    Why do you keep asking this same question compulsively?

    Why don't you just accept that you're headed for a decent regional college, but not to an elite, world class school like Duke?

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  • 3 years ago

    I think it depends

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