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is steam good for gaming?

the gaming site were u can buy games and all that am trying to buy call of duty black op for pc on steam i just wanted to know if you can play zombies and online too? if u bought that orginal case wih you have to download steam too?

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    Steam is absolutely terrific for gaming online. Steam is a client similar to how XBox Live works, you can add friends, buy games, watch previews, etc. One great thing about having Steam is the fact that once you install a game and enter the registration code, it saves that into your profile, so if you ever lose the cd or the key, all you have to do is sign into your Steam account and you can actually download it again via the client.

    And yes, all features in the game can still be played online.

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    Steam is an amazing program for all of your gaming needs. It allows you to set up applications to use through a steam widget. Any game that you have on your computer can be imported into steam so that you can launch it whenever you want. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is buying any sort of game. When you buy the game you get a digital version of it that can be downloaded at any time.

    It should allow you to play online with zombies and all of that stuff. And like i mentioned you can just import it into your steam if you NEED to. I dont really know if you do or not, but yeah I can guarantee that it will work.

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    No, it in basic terms provides a shortcut, till you upload the main (in spite of if, this in basic terms works for some video games). including a non-Steam interest to Steam make it easier to to apply the Steam overlay in-interest while released from Steam, however.

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