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160 cm and 55 kg,am i fat?

hi,people on yahoo :) i am 15 year old girl,and i'm 160 cm and 55 kg,am i fat? i really don't feel fat,but kids in school tell me that i am.sometimes i feel bad about it,but i want your opinion too,thank you!

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    Nope, you're at a perfectly healthy weight, your BMI is 21(you're 20 kg's removed from being overweight).

    Kids telling you you're fat, usually means they noticed you worry about it, so they use it to hurt your feelings. See it as that, they're picking on you, to try and hurt your feelings. It's not a judgment on you, they're toxic, and unfortunately decent people tend to, have to put up with 'em, because they try and make things bad for everyone, if it gets serious, report 'em to an adult, your parents, or a teacher(if the teacher doesn't listen, see 'em every day, and tell 'em they took the job, they should take the responsibility, they run the school, and it would be a disgrace to let bullies run rampant, keep it factual, and bombard 'em with hard facts, because teachers can sometimes be in denial, however, if you get all Donald Trump on 'em(aggressive, and factual) you'll break those barriers)

    (or my non-PC answer, beat 'em up, the fun goes quickly, if you kick their ***).

    When they know it isn't landing, they'll stop.

  • Well, it depends on how big your breasts are, how heavy your bones are and how much muscle tissue you have. I'm 1.59 m. and weigh 51 kg at 16. I only have a B cup. :(

    Your ideal weight would be 50 kg, and mine would be 49, according to the standards. But like I said, it depends on how big your breasts are, etc.

    Also: The popular term ''fat'' usually has a different meaning when it's used by youngsters and laymen. The group I mentioned before actually means ''chubby''. Being chubby isn't as dangerous as morbid obesity, but it is generally considered to be an unattractive trait and let's face it: excess weight is excess weight. Chances of your ever having to starve are so slim, that having that tiny bit of excess weight serves no purpose, unless you'd rather be safe than sorry. :p

    Hope I've informed you enough.

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