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Grace Kelly Or Princess Diana?

hi guys! i know diana and grace are both beautiful and amazing. i love them both, but who looks more beautiful? thanks :)

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    Yes indeed, dear girl. A most interesting question. Now, one immediately became smitten with the Kelly woman upon watching the Hitchcock classic, Rear Window. However, one was subsequently torn between two minds when one espied the deliciously delectable Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock's ornithological classic, The Birds. The waters were further muddied when one watched Janet Leigh taking a shower in Psycho.

    The Spencer woman barely registers, dear girl.

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    Princess Diana

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    Grace Kelly and Diana were both very good looking women, but neither of them was or is a patch on the incredibly, breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL, PRINCESS ANNE, she is pure perfection, even now at 65 she has great legs, a perfect size ten figure and such an incredibly pretty face. How many other women of her age could look so sexy in tight khaki jeans like she does. She is also warm, kind, caring, funny and works really hard for many charities. Whats not to love ?

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    Grace Kelly was not a real Princess per say and Diana was better

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    They were both beautiful for their times.

    Diana had more of a "girl-next-door" sort of beauty. She was not quite of the same class as Grace. Princess Grace was the epitome of class and beauty and, well, grace, for her day. Diana was more earthy.

    They were both tragic figures. Not many people are aware, but Ranier was as much a cheater as Charles. More so, in fact. His "dalliances" were more varied. At least Charles was about constancy...even if to the wrong woman for his commitments.

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    They had their own individual strengths; it's hard to decide. Although Grace was originally a bit of a 'girl' (if you know what I mean), she definitely rose to the occasion when she became a royal. She was regal, classy, and beautiful. Diana wasn't 'classy' so much. Her endless affairs and tell tale behaviours let her down, but her beauty was undeniable.

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    9 years ago

    Diana, Princess of Wales

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    Well if you are going strictly on looks Princess Grace was by far the better looking one.

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    R.J,my friend,i am English,but i do think,Princess Diana,a very nice Lady,she was a lot better than the other Royals,she was more down to Earth,a great Lady.

    take care my friend.

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    Grace Kelly....because she had the dignity, sense of duty, good manners, and was raised nicely enough in a nice family.....to keep her private problems private....and spend her days trying to accomplish good things for other people.

    That is what nice people do.....they keep their private lives private....and, instead, use their public lives and high positions to do as much good as they possibly can.

    Diana put herself first always...and paid more attention....and wanted everyone else to pay more attention....to her own selfish vapid life. Had she been a really nice person truly interested in helping others, she would have done what most other people in high positions do.....kept her private life private....and devoted most of her energy to using her position to help others.

    That is what the Queen Mother did, what the Queen does, and what every other member of the royal family ....except Edward VIII....have done for centuries.

    So....no votes from me from Diana. A spoiled brat Drama Queen who wrecked her own life out of her selfish habit of putting herself above everything else ....including her own children.

    Who on earth goes on TV and tells the world all the dirty laundry of their marriage...including telling everyone who they had "done it with" when they have children who will be embarrassed and humiliated by it? That awful selfish woman told things that have resulted in poor Prince Harry having to live his whole life with people wondering if Hewitt is his father.

    Trashy tramp is what I think.

    Princess Grace's husband fooled around on her too...but she didn't decide to sleep with the household help, bodyguards, married men, former lovers....just because her husband fooled around..... like Diana did. Nor did she make a spectacle of herself stalking married men she slept with ....like Diana did to Julia Carling's husband....nor did people like Julia Carling finally have to call in the police because Diana had been making endless hang up calls to their home.

    Grace would have never called photographers to make sure they were around to take pictures off on holiday with the latest man she was sleeping around with....Dodi Fayed.

    First.... real ladies do not sleep around with all and sundry...and second they certainly don't do it and then call in the photographers and TV people to make sure everyone knows about it. This is publicity hound behavior....not the behavior of a lady and certainly not the behavior of a good mother.

    Additionally, there is always someone who will post an answer saying Diana was the first royal person to pay attention to AIDS victims. That is not correct. The Duchess of Windsor left millions of pounds...and all the proceeds from the auction of the Windsor's possessions to the Pasteur Institue in Paris for AIDS RESEARCH. So, the Duchess of Windsor is the royal family member who first gave millions of pounds to AIDS victims...and singled AIDS victims out for royal help.

    Princess Grace, like the Queen, the Queen Mother, Princess Anne, and Camilla was a LADY....in every sense of the word.

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