Why isn't there a stronger relationship among native americans ( Canada + U.S.) with natives from Lat. America?

Why isn't there a stronger relationship among native americans ( Canada + U.S.) with natives from Lat. America?

Maybe it's just me but don't Canadian natives and American natives have like a relationship of sorts?

So, Is it because they never had a relationship to begin with like they did in the past (prior to European contact). Presently is it because there is no need to? Language barrier?

What about the southwestern nations and northern tribes/nations that were in present day Mexico? Not sure if they made it alive or even still reside there.


Jimbo, I never said they were related, I never said they were the same. STOP putting words in my mouth, especially since they are coming from you.

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  • Sarah
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    9 years ago
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    You are correct- we do have a relationship with Canadian Natives (First Nations). I'm Potawatomi and there are several bands of us on both the Canadian and the U.S. side of the boarder so our culture spans across two countries. This is common for the majority of northern tribes. Ajidamoon up there is Ojibwe from Canada, my mother-in-law is from a band in Minnesota. I've met Blackfoot from Montana and also from Canada. Even out east, there are many tribes that have bands in both countries, like the Mohawks.

    As for the southwest Natives, maybe back in the day there might have been cultural similarities between Natives what is now the U.S. and what is now Mexico, but today is a different. We indigenous people in the U.S. and Canada have maintained our culture while the majority of Mexicans have assimilated into the Spanish culture. They speak Spanish, we've held onto our languages. Most Mexicans are Catholic, many Natives in the U.S. and Canada still practice the traditions that have been passed down generation to generation. We know who we are and where we come from while, although Mexicans are mixed with indigenous blood, very few of them know what tribe they descend from, nor do they care- they take pride in being Mexican.

    As for indigenous people from Central and South America, those are different cultures just like the indigenous of Hawaii, or any other area, are a different culture.

    Source(s): Proud member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
  • Daniel
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    5 years ago

    Well a lot are related more to Canadian tribes the navajo and Apache are Athabaskan they live all over north west Canada even Alaska they all call themselves dine or indee ,the Mohawk,Cree,micmacs,some lakotas have land in Canada ,Minnesota tribes also Oregon tribes also and also Alaskan tribes that's why more tribes in u.s have thier same people on the Canadian side while only about six tribes have relatives in mexico

  • Jimbo
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    9 years ago

    that's like asking why you don't have stronger relationships with people from Latin America. Just because they were all indigenous doesn't mean they are all related. There were countless different nations and languages among New World inhabitants. Just because they're from the same hemisphere doesn't mean they should be culturally the same.

    A similar question would be why Europeans don't have stronger ties to Africa.

  • Many Nations in the US and Canada spanned both modern borders.....that is why we have a connection. Culturally, we don't have much at all in common with the Tribes of SA.

    Source(s): Anishinaabe Ojibwe, whose people are all over central Canada and North Eastern US.
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  • favero
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    3 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well, for one thing, about 90% of the tribes in Mexico and south of there did not survive the invasions. Tribes in USA and Canada were a little better than that.

    For another, the tribes were mostly unaware of each other, since their only transportation was walking, and distances were in the thousands of miles. Apaches walked a range of about 250 miles into western Arizona and the same distance into eastern California, but only when they had good reasons. 250 miles was a three day walk. Other tribes stayed home except for a few traveling traders. Very few. Trade is mostly done by ships, except for people who used camels. North America and South America are joined by a mountain range with no indigenous animals big enough to carry trade goods. To top it off, 90 miles of that route is still impassable today, due to thick forest and deep mud.

    Relationship? No, absolutely not. Humans can hardly get along with immediate family. Anybody in another tribe is just an enemy they haven't attacked yet.

    • Daniel
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      5 years agoReport

      What you talking about in Mexico thier are 15 million indian 62 tribes most are full blooded and at least 90%speak thier native language the older people don't even speak Spanish a lot still dress like they did 200 years ago

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