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咁點解以上既chemical equation出左CO2都系neutralization既?


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    Definition for neutralization should be : A non-redox reaction between an acid and base, where these acid and base can be Arrhenius, Bronsted Lowery, and Lewis acid or base .

    For your reaction, CaCO3 is an Bronsted Lowery acid and HNO3 is a Bronsted Lowery base, so their reaaction is neutralization.Whether CO2 is

    formed is not important.

    Bronsted Lowery acid : A proton donator

    Bronsted Lowery base: A proton accepter

    Lewis acid : A electron acceptor without changing its oxidation number

    Lewis base: A electron donator without changing its oxidation number

    Arrhenius acid : A chemical that will give H+ when dissolved in water

    Arrhenius base: A chemical that will give OH- when dissolved in water

    A chemical can belongs to more than one type of acid or base

    e.g. H2O is a acid and a base. It act as acid when donate proton while act as base when accept proton.

    H2O +H2O -> H3O+ + OH-

    donate H+ accept H+ after accept H+ after donate


    NH3 +BF3->NH3BF3 is also a neutralization.

    NH3 is a Lewis base, while BF3 is a Lewis acid.

    Your definition can be found on some CE textbook but it is not correct.

    My definition is just a conclusion from my obsevation on AL chem reaction and definitions, but may be not exactly correct.

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