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小松鼠 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



1. 正常工作是8小時,超過時間就是加班,但公司希望你若能不要加班就不要加班,意思就是沒什麼事就不用加班了。2. 主管知道你覺得委曲。3. 你的機票費是6900元,體檢費2000元,因為你來台灣工作還不到2年,所以國外仲介會退你一些錢,但是你回去的機票費不夠付所以需由國外仲介退給你的費用當中扣除。4. 原本6人做的工作,目前需由你們3人來做,所以你們要去分配工作,並且要互合作,之後會再派3個人來一起做。5. 公司會定一個你們要達到的標準,若達到超過80%則給予獎金500元,若未達到就需另外加班把未達到的完成,但這就不算加班費。

6. 雇主今天一再的問你確定要離開嗎?因為你才做8天就要離開的話對你來說很不划算!



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    1. 正常工作是8小時,超過時間就是加班,但公司希望你若能不要加班就不要加班,意思就是沒什麼事就不用加班了。

    1. Regular working hour is 8 hours, after 8 hours it is overtime. However the management hope you can try not to work overtime as possible. It means that you don't need to work overtime if there were not important things to do.

    2. 主管知道你覺得委曲。

    2. Your supervisor understand that you felt it is unfair to you.

    3. 你的機票費是6900元,體檢費2000元,因為你來台灣工作還不到2年,所以國外仲介會退你一些錢,但是你回去的機票費不夠付所以需由國外仲介退給你的費用當中扣除。

    3. Your plane ticket fare is 6900NT, medical check up is 2000NT, Because the time you worked in Taiwan is less than two years, therefore, your agent in abroad will pay back some amount of money to you. But your money is not enough to buy the ticket for going back home, so the balance must be deducted from the money paying back to you by your abroad agent.

    4. 原本6人做的工作,目前需由你們3人來做,所以你們要去分配工作,並且要互合作,之後會再派3個人來一起做。

    4. The work originally assigned to 6 persons will be done by three of you for now. So you must arrange and share the work and must cooperate with each other. Later on there will be additional 3 persons to be assigned here to join you.

    5. 公司會定一個你們要達到的標準,若達到超過80%則給予獎金500元,若未達到就需另外加班把未達到的完成,但這就不算加班費。

    5. The management will establish a standard of your accomplishment. You will be awarded with a prize of 500NT if you can reach 80% of that standard, but if not then you have to work overtime to finish that work without overtime pay.

    6. 雇主今天一再的問你確定要離開嗎?因為你才做8天就要離開的話對你來說很不划算!

    6. The employer asked you again and again to make sure if you really want to leave. Because you have just worked for 8 days and then want to leave, it is not worthwhile for you.

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    6. Today the employer asked you 、、、

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    3. 國外仲介其實就是菲律賓仲介,所以國外仲介應該翻譯成 Philippino agent 比較好。

    上面翻的 agent in abroad 與 abroad agent 請都改為 Philippino agent。

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    Normal working hours is 8 hours, if more than 8 hours will considered as overtime.

    Normal working hours is 8 hours, if more than 8 hours it will 【be】 considered as overtime.

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    but if you didn't achieve the target,

    but if you didn't achieve 80% of the target,

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    to achieve the target without overtime paid.

    to achieve 80% of the target without overtime paid.

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    1. 正常工作是8小時,超過時間就是加班,但公司希望你若能不要加班就不要加班,意思就是沒什麼事就不用加班了。

    Normal working hours is 8 hours, if more than 8 hours will considered as overtime. But the company hope that you could no need to work overtime if possible, that's means if there is nothing to do then no need to work overtime.

    2. 主管知道你覺得委曲。

    Your supervisor understand you felt being wronged.

    3. 你的機票費是6900元,體檢費2000元,因為你來台灣工作還不到2年,所以國外仲介會退你一些錢,但是你回去的機票費不夠付所以需由國外仲介退給你的費用當中扣除。

    Your plane ticket fare is 6900NT, medical check up fees is 2000NT, because you worked at here less than 2 years so your Philippines agent will give you some refund. But you have no enough money for your return plane ticket so it will deducted from the refund given by Philippines agent.

    4. 原本6人做的工作,目前需由你們3人來做,所以你們要去分配工作,並且要互合作,之後會再派3個人來一起做。

    Currently 3 of you need to do the jobs which initially did by 6 people, so you need to divide the jobs among 3 of you, and need to cooperate with each others. Later will send 3 people to do the works with you.

    5. 公司會定一個你們要達到的標準,若達到超過80%則給予獎金500元,若未達到就需另外加班把未達到的完成,但這就不算加班費。

    Company will set a target for you to achieve, if you can achieve more than 80% will get the rewards of 500NT, but if you didn't achieve the target, you need to work overtime to achieve the target without overtime paid.

    6. 雇主今天一再的問你確定要離開嗎?因為你才做8天就要離開的話對你來說很不划算!

    Today employer asked again to confirm whether you want to go back or not? Because you only worked here for 8 days and it is not worthy to you.

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    1. work is 8 hours, over time is to work overtime, but the companies hope that if you can not work overtime should not work overtime, means nothing without some work.

    2. know you think that tortuous.

    3. your airfare is $ 6,900, examination fee of $ 2000, because you come to Taiwan working for less than 2 years, so foreign intermediary will return you some money, but your airfare is not enough to pay back so required by the foreign intermediary deducted fees back to you.

    4. the original 6 people to do work, currently required by the 3 of you have to do, so you have to go to work, and mutual cooperation, will send 3 people to do after.

    5. the company will be one to meet the standards you, if it 80% give bonuses of more than $ 500, if it does not meet the additional overtime has not reached completion, but this will not work overtime.6. employer today repeatedly asked are you sure you want to leave? Because you just do 8 days leave, then it is not cost-effective for you!

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