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What does the swirl tattoo mean and what is it called?

Ive seen the tattoo on numerous people, its a round black swirland is usually on both shoulders. What is it called and what does it mean? Here are some pictures of what im talking about-

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    hmm, maybe its a gang sign of some type? doesnt look familiar, and doesnt look like a i tribal

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    3 years ago

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  • Debra
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    4 years ago

    I got the phoenix on my chest because I wanted something over my heart to remind me of how to think of life and I had a rough child hood but I know that I'll always come out of things ok. I got a venus/female symbol on my back as kind of a coming out/look Im a feminist kind of declaration, the rune on my right breast for protection, the goddess design on my left wrist for religious reasons, the little square cross on my left hand to ward off the evil eye and the anarchy sign on my hip cuz I was 15 and thats the kind of thing 15 year olds want to put on themselves. They're all kind of markers of different points in my life though.

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