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What can i do in ISS (in school suspension) for fun?

Ok, so basically i decided to pull a prank at school and take magnetic strips off of the books in the library and put them on people so that when they walk through the detector it would beep. Anyways, i got caught like a dumbass. I'm wandering what i can do for fun while in ISS. At my school while in ISS you have a stool that you sit on all day and a lunch tray as a table. Im lost at what i can do for some dam amusement. Can someone help me out. :D


I actually already pulled the fire alarm a couple months ago, I got MIC for it.


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    ISS is not supposed to be fun. It is supposed to be miserable. If you have fun in ISS, you'll only get more days in ISS.

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    Pull the fire alarm

  • 4 years ago

    sneak in a PSP/DS, your mobile and/or ipod/MP3 participant, in the event that they ask if in case you have something for your wallet say you should not have something then if they are trying to seek you declare your 4th modification rights-no warrant no seek

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