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Who feels prepared for their AP exams?

Who feels prepared to get at least a 3 on their AP exams? Please state which ones your taking/have taking and good luck!

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    Calc BC: I'm pretty confident that I got a 4 if not a 5.

    US History: Eh...3...maybe 4 if I'm lucky.

    Biology: Probably a 3 or a 4.

    English Language and Composition: It's coming up on Wednesday. I think I could get a 4 if I don't mess up the essays.

    Good luck! :)

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    Calc BC: 4 if not a 5

    Physics B: Thought I was prepared but then the test today knocked me for a loop. Hopefully at least a 3.

    French: Yeah, one of the hardest APs to take (curve is ~78% to 81% for a 5), and not prepared for it in the very least. Expecting a 2, maybe a 3.

    Statistics: No idea. Hoping for a 4, but haven't reviewed a whole lot.

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    On Wednesday I'm taking AP Language and Composition, which I feel pretty good about (hoping to get a 5, maybe a 4) and AP Stats which I'm hoping to luck out on and score at least a 4, cause the school I'm going to next year only accepts 4's and 5's. I really want to get out of ever taking math again, but we'll see.

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    AP calc bc-meh. Maybe a 4.

    AP English Lit-went well. Think I got a 4/5

    AP Physics C mech-lawlawllawl. That was horrible. I hope I passed.

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