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Does this sound like a good idea for a novel?

Jason Black is your ordinary teeneager. He is the star of his high school lacrosse team at Fell's Grove High School. One night, Jason gets kidnapped by the school bully Damon because Damon is jealous of Jason's close friendship with his girlfriend Lana. Damon leaves Jason stranded in the woods 63 miles from his house. It is a full moon, and while trying to walk home, Jason gets attacked by a wolf. Later, Jason starts to feel sick and in less than two seconds, finds himself back at home on his front porch. Jason's best friend Max suspects that Jason was bitten by a "werewolf" but Jason doesn't believe it. However, soon, Jason begins to develop weird powers such as super hearing, super speed, strength, and many more. Jason later meets a man named Victor, who explains to Jason that in fact, he was bitten by a werewolf and that werewolf was him. Victor tells Jason that now Jason is slowly transforming into a werewolf, and that the proccess will be painful and unusual, up until the next full moon which is in another month. Lana's best friend Raven soon realizes that she is a physicic, but is later told by her aunt that she is actually a witch. By accident, Jason soon finds out, and Raven finds out Jason is a werewolf. However, Raven's knowledge of the history between werewolves and witches gets her frightened. The novel leads up to Jason's first full moon transformation and the trouble and death that comes with it. Jason runs into a team of werewolf hunters and barely makes it out alive with the help of Victor and Raven. The next day at school it is revealed that the leader of the werewolf hunter group is actually Lana's uncle.

So does this sound like a good idea? Please give any suggestions and if you can please help me with a title.

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    I don't have an idea for the title:(

    but other than that, it sounds really good! And fairly original. Up until the part where Ravin comes in (as a witch) It reminds me sort of of a book called Linger. So, with any suggestions, i would say that Raven and her witchieness is VERY important to keep your story original, in my oppinion. Also, if he is the star of a lacrosse team, wouldn't he usually be surrounded by friends? Or like very popular at least. It would be hard to kidnap him, so you might want to think of a way to get him kidnapped--although his excuse is okay

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    Okay sorry gotta say it but don't start off with Jason Black.

    I would try to find another name because people who have read twilight with automatically think Jacob Black. If your writing a fan fiction then go ahead but if not please change the name.

    I think it is a good idea. It sounds different and I like different.

    Keep going on it.

    I also find it kind of ironic that the physic is named Raven. If you understand what I mean.

    But yes I think it's a good idea for a book.

    Oh so a title name? Hmmm...

    *Astronomical Consequences.

    *The secrets of (something) high

    *The School of Freaks

    *Breaking Into New Skin

    Yeah they aren't very good but maybe you can get an idea from it.

  • I love werewolves but your idea needs more to the table. The idea isn't very original. But its your story so do what makes you happy! Good luck!

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