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What forms does medical marijuana come in?

My teacher personally humiliated three students today and refused to let them speak. This happened because, when he was explaining marijuana (health class) A student asked f there was a difference between medical marijuana and what is commonly smoked. He responded that medical marijuana only comes in the form of THC pills and IS NEVER leaves, resin, or food products. When another student ask for clarification because he heard/knew otherwise, my teacher refused to let him talk and yelled at him for challenging him. (for 20 minutes) when the student finally said that he was fairly certain t did not come only in THC pill form, the teacher said, "That has nothing to do what we are taking about"... I responded, "It has everything to do with what were talking about you are being to ignorant to listen" (clearly a unwise move) He responded "Ok, wise guy, bring me evidence from a reputable medical journal tomorrow and I won't send you to the office, and no internet bullshit."... so clearly he is being a ----. My question is: does anyone know of such a source? He had to specify reputable and medical in order to eliminate the majority of my sources. I am fine with using internet sources and I am fine if they aren't specifically medical publications I just want proof that will satisfy him (even though he probably wont be). I tried Nat Geo, Scientific American, JAMA, NEJM. If he wasn't so ignorant he could just do a simple Google search and find thousands of sources in agreement but he won't. Can anyone help me?

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    You can smoke it, you can take a pills, you can inhale fumes by vaporizing, you can eat it. They are more than one ways of taking medicinal marijuana.

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    norml would have a lot of information about what kinds of things medical marijuana is used for.

    If you want the forms medical marijuana comes in, you should contact a medical marijuana dispensery.

    I suspect what your teacher was talking about was marinol - synthetic thc-like chemical sold nation wide as a legal perscription, in pill form. It has been a legal rx for quite some time, but has a lot of issues. The largest issue is its price tag - 1500$ per month when i was on it. Second, its not actual thc. They have altered the thc, supposedly to prevent a high. However, it DOES produce a high, just more of a hollowed out and emotionless high than you would except of a cannabanoid.

    Marinol is the medical marijuana to people who are actually against medical marijuana. It is what the fda and dea offer instead of medical marijuana.

    Generally, doctors are not going to recommend smoking it, but you buy the marijuana by the loose herb (it would be buds, not leaves) in many dispensaries, so how you consume it is up to you. The dispensaries also have edibles like brownies and cookies, they have it in forms to make teas, marijuana suckers, hash, pills, oils, resins, and so on.

    So, first and foremost, contact several dispensaries within different medical marijuana states and ask if you can have a copy of a brochure or catalogue, and tell them its for a class project.

    Second... go to the library... search several medical journals, and include the psych journals in your search. Psychinfo is a good database.

    I have no idea if it does, but the laws that allow for medical marijuana may state what forms it can be sold in.

    Source(s): ...... The difference bw med marijuana and what is commonly smoked is that med marijuana has been grown top notch - usually indoors, probably hydroponically, and maticulously cared for. The most common marijuana on the street is dirt weed from Mexico - grown outside, in poor conditions, without proper care.
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    you are right in that medical marijuana is sold in a variety of different packages, from straight herbs to being baked in cookies, but a medical journal wouldn't have that, what you would want is to find a shop that sold medical marijuana and get an inventory list along with a phone number. that way you can put your phone on speaker and call them in the middle of class if he tries to challenge it. i'll look for a shop, but you can do the same: in google type something like "california medical marijuana store" and see what happens. i'll report back if i find anything.

    i have something your teacher can't refute. here's an iowa news story about californian marijuana


    they go through what it takes to get a card, and talk to the owner of a dispensary, they mention the different forms it comes in. and there's a movie that shows the buds, so that should do it for your teacher, don't need a medical journal when someone's reporting on TV about it and showing the product.

    Source(s): medical student
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    Just go to your library (college library even better) and ask them to help you find a research based article on medical marijuana. You are correct by the way. You could also check with a pharmacist.

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