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what are the legal issues in the case brown v. board of education?

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  • Bryan
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    9 years ago
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    Brown vs. Board of Education was a case involving segregated schools.

    It started with young Linda Brown, a third-grade student living in Topeka, Kansas. Kansas was operating under a state law that permitted (but didn't require) separate schools for black and white children. Every day, Linda had to walk six block to the bus stop that took her to her elementary school over a mile away. The school for white students, on the other hand, was only seven blocks away, perfect walking distance. A suit was filed, saying that segregated schools were unconstitutional. With a unanimous vote (9-0) by the Supreme Court, segregated schools were declared unconstitutional. This overthrew the earlier case of Plessy vs. Furgeson, which stated that separate facilities for colored people were equal, therefore not unconstitutional. The case was a big part of the movement that was later known as the Civil Rights Movement.

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