Do you know any more Athiests turned christian than these?

Mortimer J. Adler - Philosopher who co-founded Great Books of the Western World. Agnostic convert to the Catholic Church.[3][4]

Steve Beren - Former member of the Socialist Workers Party (United States) who became a Protestant conservative politician.[5]

Anders Borg - Sweden's Minister for Finance.[6]

Paul Bourget - French author who became agnostic and positivist at 15, but returned to Catholicism at 35.[7]

Ferdinand Brunetière - Rationalist and freethinking writer who became a Catholic.[8][9]

Julie Burchill - British journalist and feminist.[10]

Kirk Cameron - An American actor best-known for his role as Mike Seaver on the television situation comedy, Growing Pains, as well as several other television and film appearances as a child actor. Today he is a Protestant Evangelical. Recently, he portrayed the lead roles in the Left Behind film series and in the 2008 drama film, Fireproof.[11]

Whittaker Chambers - Former Communist turned conservative writer.[12][13]

Francis Collins - Geneticist who was an atheist until age 27, but then converted to Christianity.[14]

Larry Darby - Holocaust denier and former member of the American Atheists.[15][16]

Joy Davidman - Poet and wife of C. S. Lewis.[17]

Avery Dulles - A Jesuit priest, theologian, and cardinal in the Catholic Church. He was raised Presbyterian, but was an agnostic before his conversion to Catholic Christianity.[18][19]

Dawn Eden - Rock journalist of Jewish ethnicity who went from an agnostic to a Catholic writer, who was particularly concerned with the moral values of chastity.[20][21]

André Frossard - French journalist who was atheist, but converted to the Catholic Church in 1935.[22]

Eugene D. Genovese - Historian who went from Stalinist to conservative theist.[23]

Bo Giertz - Atheistic in youth he became a Lutheran bishop and writer.[24]

Simon Greenleaf - One of the principle founders of Harvard Law School, professor of law at Harvard University and president of the Massachusetts Bible Society.[25]

Tamsin Greig - British actress.[26]

Nicky Gumbel - Raised atheist and became an Anglican. He is known for his work with the Alpha course.[27]

Nina Hagen - German punk musician.[28]

Keir Hardie - Raised atheist and became a Christian Socialist.[29]

Anna Haycraft - Raised as a member of Britain's Comtist and atheistic "Church of Humanity", but became a conservative Catholic Christian in adulthood.[30]

Ammon Hennacy - Initially an atheist labor activist he became a religious pacifist in the Atlanta Penitentiary.[31]

Peter Hitchens - Journalist who went from Trotskyism to Traditionalist conservatism, and estranged brother of outspoken anti-theist and Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens.[32][33]

Paul Jones - Musician, of Manfred Mann. Previously atheist and in 1967 he argued with Cliff Richard about religion on a TV show.[34][35]

Mary Karr - Memoirist and poet who switched from agnosticism to Catholicism in 1996.[36]

Ignace Lepp - French psychiatrist whose parents were freethinkers and who joined the Communist party at age fifteen. He broke with the party in 1937 and eventually became a Catholic priest.[37]

Félix Leseur - Doctor turned Catholic priest. His conversion, in part, came by efforts of his wife who was declared a Servant of God by the Catholic Church.[38]

C. S. Lewis - Writer who became an atheist as a young man, later paradoxically describing himself as being "very angry with God for not existing". He later returned to Anglicanism and wrote many books about his faith.[39]

Arnold Lunn - A skier, mountaineer, and writer. As an agnostic he wrote Roman Converts, which took a critical view of Catholicism and the converts to it. He later converted to Catholicism due to debating with converts, and became an apologist for the faith, although he retained a few criticisms of the faith.[40]

Gabriel Marcel - A leading Christian existentialist. His upbringing was agnostic.[41]

Alister McGrath - Biochemist and Christian theologian. Founder of 'Scientific theology' and critic of Richard Dawkins in books like Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life and The Dawkins Delusion?[42][43]

Claude McKay - Bisexual Jamaican poet who went from Communist atheist to a devout Catholic Christian.[44]

Czesław Miłosz - Poet who won the 1980 Nobel Prize in Literature.[45]

Nina Karin Monsen - A Norwegian moral philosopher and author who grew up in a humanist family, but later convert to Christianity through philosophic thinking.[46]

Malcolm Muggeridge - British journalist and author who went from agnosticism to the Catholic Church.[47][48]

William J. Murray - Son of Madalyn Murray O'Hair who became a Born again preacher.[49]

Bernard Nathanson - A founder of NARAL Pro-Choice America who dubbed himself a "Jewish atheist", but later became a Pro-life activist within the Catholic Church.[50]

Marvin Olasky - Former Marxist turned Christian conservative, he edits the Christian World Ma

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    I didn't read alot of that and yes I have heard it.

    An old atheist friend of mine now is an atheist.

    I heard that Scieince proved already that God is possible and essential for the health of the planet because people are not treating it with love and are damaging our creators work.

    I sense that there is a God

    I can no longer state that God doesn't exist

    but that isn't to say that it is the God that everybody perceives to be

    There is a creator and we are not alone.

    I don't have a mental illness but I do have a disability and feel that saying that someone who experiences many amazing things has a mental illness is very harsh and cold and loveless

    Be careful with the ego because we are just humans after all made the same way and it can lead us down the wrong path and away from God.

    I have been told to think with my heart but in a sense of gut. My intuition.

    I have receieved helpful messages before.

    If our subconsciousness can do many things then is that not God inside us or the source of God and where does the imagination and subconsciousness come from if you think you know everything.

    you are saying that you are God then.

    We need a leader, look at the world how terrible and disorganised it is.

    Do youo know that very little people obey the commandmends and if they did, our world would be alot safer because it teaches us love, forget the stories in it.

    History has said that there was a jesus and there were pharos and an agnostic in a book called Kindness has quoted that nobody can say that the bible doesn't exist or isn't real because there are witnessess. He believes due to certain discoverys that the Bible is prove of God or and Jesus.


    Source(s): Dr. Dwane Dyer said nothing in this life are coincidencees and chance. I have experienced things that I believe weren't chance or coincidences. if we are so unigue and fascinating then where did we get that from and who is our role model? Alot of stuff in humans I can only link to a inteligent creator who knows everything and doesn't want to reveal itself yet.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    All that list tells me is they knew where the money was to be made.

    I don't care if no other atheist exists. I'm not atheist to be part of a group, nor popular. I'm atheist because there is no proof of a god.

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  • Is that supposed to mean something to me? Do you know how many theists have turned into atheists? Either way, it doesn't matter. People believe what they do. I don't believe there is a god. Why is that so hard for others to understand?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Many people suffer from mental illness; that doesn't prove that your invisible imaginary friends are real. Besides, you've named quite a few people as atheists who were not.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    This doesnt mean that god exists.

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  • 9 years ago

    That's impressive?..

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  • EAH
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    9 years ago

    Copy and paste

    Theist cannot think for themselves

    Copy and paste

    Only here for the laughs

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  • 9 years ago

    Nope. :)

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