Active Duty Army RCP for PFC 5 years Active Service?

I have 5 years active duty, was a SPC for 3 and a half years and got demoted by article 15. I have been a private for 6 months, and on 1 June 2011 my unit says I will be kicked out of the Army, so that means a SSG who is demoted to PFC with 5 years in the army will be discharged due to RCP?

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  • John U
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    9 years ago
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    Well first an E-6 can only get bumped two grades but your right, they get tossed on RCP just like anyone else. I still remember clearing a training post, went into my Bn and some guy in a T shirt was buffing the floor and yelled my name. I figured he was a private with the company I was training in the field a week or two ago. Turns out he was one of the Drill Sgt's, a former E-6 who just had the clamps come down on his gonads for sleeping with a private and that day he was now an E-4 on his way out the door. The Field grade took his rank and money and of course he was on extra duty when I ran into him but RCP had him ready to clear to leave the Army too.

  • 3 years ago

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