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What is a good airsoft AEP?

I'm looking for an airsoft AEP (Automatic electric pistol) in the $80-$150 price range. I want a good backup since my KWA pistol broke, and my friend told me AEPs are the new big thing in airsoft. I would prefer one with an included battery, but I'll take whatever the best are.

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    AEPs aren't very good just so you know. They're pretty awkward to handle and feel and sound stupid. They're also very weak and don't last very long. I would suggest returning to your gas pistols since they are much better. You have to really take care of them. Clean your gas pistols at least once every few weeks and after every day of gaming.

    AEPs aren't new, or big. I don't even know what they're there for.

    To quote a forum:

    Automatic Electric Pistols

    Automatic Electric Pistols, abbreviated AEPs, were first introduced by Tokyo Marui in 2005 with their Glock 18C (followed later by a Beretta 93R model). They were the first handguns to incorporate an electric powered system that is capable of fully-automatic operation. In cold weather, AEPs are often considered better sidearms than gas powered pistols, because batteries are not as badly affected by frigid weather.

    Almost everything about the AEP is the same as an AEG, just smaller.

    The good

    * AEG performance in a small gun.

    The bad

    * Not quite as much range as AEGs.

    * No real upgrades, few accessories.

    * Low battery life.

    * Weak power.

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