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Do employers have access to juvenile record in Florida ?

Would juvenile record show on a regular criminal background check

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    Civilian employers, no. However, police agencies or government agencies will have access to juvenile records for pre-employment investigations. So, you don't have to tell Walmart you got locked up for shoplifting at age 16. But, if you apply to be a State Trooper or work for NASA, you do.

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    via actuality that it substitute into as quickly as as quickly as expunged. while a choose components a plaintiffs request to expunge records or a youthful perpetrator turns 18 (in maximum states), the character whose checklist is expunged would, for many purposes, manage the social gathering as though it no longer ever got here approximately. The records would have have been given to be unavailable by way of the state or Federal reporting suggestions. which you would be waiting to additionally legally deny or fail to correctly known ever having been arrested for or charged with any crime which has been expunged.

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    unless it's murder one, no

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