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Why is the U.S. postal service no longer a monopoly?

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Yes, I realize this question is not very hard...I knew about FedEx and other delivery services...and that is what I answered, I was thinking maybe there was some legislation that was removed at some point which had been stopping private deliveries (Otherwise the question seems ridiculously simple: "Private companies made their own delivery services"). Anyway thanks for the answers.

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    because other companies can offer better and/or more affordable service for delivering some types of packages.

    people mention first class mail - yeah, you can write a letter, put it in an envelope, and send it to anyone with fedex. you'll just pay 20x more to do it that way. it's not subsidized, both by the government and by the companies who send junk mail.

    and besides usps, ups, and fedex, there are many other companies that can get your stuff from point a to point b for possibly a better price, depending on how big your stuff is and where those points are.

    it's not a monopoly at all; it's just a useful service provided by the government.

  • USPS was so confident in their position as THE delivery company that they refused to meet customer's demands--such as next day delivery, tracking information, etc. Other companies chose to step up and fulfill these demands, thus becoming strong competitors. By the time USPS began to offer these services, they had already lost significant market share.

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    Because entrepreneurs decided to create package delivery companies.

    This is not rocket science, dear.

    And by the way ANYONE can deliver a letter.

    You just can't use the USPS mailboxes.

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    The free market worked and private business was able to be more efficient and offer better services. Profit motivates people. Not government

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    Actually it is a monopoly, a government-created monopoly on first class mail. If anyone else tries to deliver first class mail and put stuff in a mailbox, that's a crime. Your teacher gets an F for asking the question this way.

  • It actually still is. Private companies are "allowed" to do CERTAIN things the P.O. does, but it's still a monopoly for "first class" mail.

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    Fedex is a better deal. Compare at and

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    Because monopolies are illegal because of the Sherman Antitrust Act, among other laws.

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