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Is it immature to refuse to be in family portraits?

My family yelled at me for not wanting to be in their family portrait. I told them to fvck off.

How am I immature? I despise family pictures.

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  • Eve
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    9 years ago
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    Well, yeah. Unless there is a very specific reason you do not want to be in it. or if you do not feel like part of the family. Otherwise you're just coming across as a bit of an uncooperative teenager.

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    I think it's a stage that most teens go through. I used to refuse to have my picture taken. It's often down to lack of confidence and feeling self-conscious about some part of their appearance, and I can totally understand that. If that's the reason, your family shouldn't make you do something that makes you uncomfortable, or maybe they could give you lots of notice and take the picture at a time when you feel your best?

    If it's just that you can't be bothered, then I think that's immature. It may seem like no big deal to you, but if it's important to your family then you should try to take part, it's not much to ask. And one day you might be glad that you have the pictures to look back on - I regret now that there are no pictures of me between about 12-17, and I want to know what I looked like, how I've changed, remember places we went to etc. The value of pictures increases with time.

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    Yes. There is no logical reason to refuse. Refusal to do the good that you could do when it is in your power to do it, just because you dislike doing it is a sign of immaturity.

    "But I don't wanna!" Whine!!!!

    Can you just look at yourself from a third person perspective? It's like a child throwing a tantrum over having to share.

    What is so hard about standing near your relatives for less than 5 minutes?

  • K.
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    9 years ago

    @everybody in this thread:

    >implying one is supposed to value family photographs as memories of time spent with one's family, and want to show them to future generations

    I can completely relate to this, but only because I'm paranoid to the umpteenth degree when my identity is concerned. Less photos of me means less places I will need to ransack when I'll have the means. But then again, you've got a photo of your butt as an avatar on a public internet forum, so that might just not be your reason for it.

    It's alright, if you hate the folks, you shouldn't be forced to take pictures with them. But in that case don't expect too many privileges like, oh I don't know, big inheritances and sh*t.

    (awaits the shitstorm of TDs)

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes, it's immature to refuse to be in the portrait and to tell your family to fvck off. When you're older you'll want to have it and show it to your kids.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't know if it's immature, just because refusing to be in pictures isn't a trait I associate with children. Most children seem to have no problem sitting still for two minutes while someone takes a picture.

    But it certainly is petty and mean-spirited. Seriously, what objection could you possibly have to being photographed with your family? Unless they are abusive or otherwise reprehensible people, you have no real excuse not to want to be pictured with them. By refusing to do so, you're saying that you think you're too good for them. That has to hurt their feelings.

    You only get one family, and someday most of them will be gone. I think you should cherish the time you have with them. Just sit for the damn picture and quit whining about it.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, it's immature. I despise family photos too, but it's much more important than you think it is now, I promise. It's not for you, it's for future generations of your family. It's important to leave as complete and rich of a record as possible.

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    So is telling them to fk off, instead of saying something like, "You know, I am uncomfortable in front of the camera unless I'm in the bathroom taking a picture of myself in the mirror". Or whatever.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    its even more immature to take pictures of your butt and use them on your Yahoo answers avatar.

    Take a picture with them and stop torturing your parents. Just think of all the things they have done for you. Standing in for a picture is nothing.

  • 9 years ago

    poeple are retarded. If you dont want to be in it then you dont have to. whether you regret it or not later is your problem later. i hate pict.ures with my family, and ask me how many pictures i am in with my family and not just pictures of me being at a function. not many, most are when i was very younger. I dont really like my family just for the fact or situations that have happened. screw what other people think. Unless your family is perfect and they love you unconditionally no matter what and treat you with the up most respect and treat you fairly then you are not being immature. I am sure my family would think im immature too but they know i dont like pictures, and i will expect my children not to like them either at whatever age they decide they dont like them if they do get to that point. idk if i would have told them to fck off but i would have told them no if i didnt want to. I would appologize for the language but simply tell them you dont want to be in the picture. if you have a reason and want to share with them go ahead if you dont want to share then dont. If you dont have a reason tell them you just dont want to. My mom tried to get us to have a family photo once and we never did one before so we didnt want to and we all pretty much hated being around each other so it didnt work at all.

    sorry. hope this helps. try not to blow up so much just tell them you dont want to, or you dont feel good maybe another time. idk. Depends on if you have a reason why you dont want to. I have my reasons why i dont want to so thats why i wouldnt want to. I have been told that i intentionally hurt my familys feelings when i say **** to them but they are in intentionally hurting mine also when they say things to me.

    btw for most people, your family is not all dead at the same time, and even if they are you dont have to be alone thats why you have friends. unless you just dont have either and dont want to. thought i would edit this in. That was a dumb statement. You dont NEED family, and you dont NEED friends. You just need someone to be there for you when you need help with a situation or life.

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