Is it REALLY a huge waste if Taker never faces Cena at Wrestlemania?

With the recent rumor of Taker retiring at WM 28, I spotted a fair amount of users in IWC suggested an idea for Taker to miss WM 28 to heal himself or do WM 28 against anyone new he hasn't faced at WM before but not retire, so he can save his retirement match against Cena at Wrestlemania 29 seeing how Rock vs Cena has undeniably sold WM 28 alone so there's no need to waste The Streak on yet another rematch.

While I'm not opposed to the idea (actually, it's a very reasonable idea and I like it), one thing still bugs me: Will it truly be a colossal waste if Taker never faces Cena at Wrestlemania? I mean, as we knew it Taker has never faced a WWE Icon at Wrestlemania during the peak of an era before.

He never faced Hogan, Savage, and Warrior at Wrestlemania in Golden Era (1985-1993).

He never faced Bret at Wrestlemania in New Generation Era (1994-1997).

He never faced Austin, Rock, and Mankind at Wrestlemania in Attitude Era (1998-2001).

He never faced Lesnar & Angle at Wrestlemania in Post War Era (2002-2007).

He faced Gonzales, Bundy, Boss Man, A-Train, and Henry instead of all those WWE Icons, yet The Streak is still worshiped as ever and still being treated by WWE as if it's the holy grail of Sports Entertainment.

So, considering he has missed all the previous icons before Cena at Wrestlemania, does it really make any difference whether or not Undertaker ever face Cena at Wrestlemania?

Again, I'm all for Taker vs Cena in Taker's last match ever to happen at WM 29, but I'd like to know everyone's opinion regarding this matter no less.

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    The way I see it, it IS a monumental waste of an opportunity if The Undertaker against John Cena at Wrestlemania never goes together.

    Why? I mean, you're right. The Undertaker hasn't ever stepped into the ring on the grandest stage of em' all with the clear-cut best in the business. He never faced Austin, Hogan, The Rock, Sting or Lesnar. So if The Undertaker rides off into the sunset, streak intact, without facing Cena, why does it harm the legacy of The Streak? After all, those names are just as big (and some of them bigger) as Cena, and they've all accomplished just as much or more than him. So why the big deal? What's so special about John Cena?

    The difference is that at this stage in the careers of Cena and The Undertaker, and at this stage in WWE history, there has never been two stars on such a high level who haven't faced each other. I mean, Steve Austin and The Rock were both mega-stars, but they clashed countless times. The same goes for Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, or Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. In today's WWE, The Undertaker and John Cena are both so far ahead of everyone else, even Randy Orton, it isn't even funny.

    I mean, even at his age, The Undertaker is more powerful then he's ever been. The incredible Wrestlemania matches he's had in recent years combined with his long absences have evolved him into this unstoppable monster who had ripped through everyone. Except John Cena. I mean, in the last three years, The Undertaker has taken Michaels and Triple H, two of the greatest, most famous and high-profile WWE Superstars of all time, and he's destroyed them both. And that isn't even touching on Edge and Batista before that. Most wrestlers, when they have a great run at the top, drop back a bit when their main event run is over. That's what happened with Kane. He was the world champion just a few months ago, but now, he's back in the middle of the pack at best. Whenever The Undertaker's main event runs conclude, he disappears for a while, and because of that, he comes back at exactly the same place he left off, right at the top. Over time that's built him into the remarkable place he is today. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there isn't anybody in modern wrestling history, perhaps with the exception of Bill Goldberg back during his old streak days of 1997, who has been on par with where The Undertaker is right now.

    Cena though, is as close as anyone. Sure, Cena loses occasionally, but he never loses cleanly. And whenever he locks up with the bad guys in a straight up, one-on-one fight, he always comes out on top. And the crowd knows this. They know that the only way The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, JBL or whoever beats Cena is when they cheat to win, or when those other names have help. Much like The Undertaker, this is generally (but as we saw this year, not always) showcased and proven at Wrestlemania. Like I've said before, Cena has a very strong track record against the biggest and the baddest at Wrestlemania. But he's never faced The Undertaker.

    These two are just SO huge right now. It truly is a case of the irresistible force (Cena) and the immovable object (The Undertaker). Plus, think of Vince McMahon's regular main event cast. He's expanding it a bit now, but for years now, it's been pretty small. Cena, Batista, Edge, Triple H, The Undertaker, Randy Orton. For most of the last four or five years, those have been THE guys. And when you look at those names, they've ALL faced each other. Except for Cena and The Undertaker. And that's really the difference. The Streak wasn't the Goliath that it is today when Hogan and Austin were the kings of the mountain. People forget, but it's only in recent years that The Streak has evolved into the biggest thing in the wrestling world.

    If The Undertaker rides off into the sunset without facing Cena, The Streak will still be huge. He'll still be regarded as one of the all time greats and The Streak will still be revered. The WWE hype-machine will make sure of that. Cena will go on as the hero to this generation of fans, and he'll continue to win championships and headline Wrestlemania's. Basically, things will continue as they are now.

    But, and I'm damn sure of this, there will be something missing. To me at least, as a huge fan of both The Undertaker and Cena, The Streak won't be complete and Cena's legacy won't be the same. How can I illustrate this better? You mentioned that The Undertaker could face Jericho or whoever at this year's Wrestlemania and then Cena the next year. That's almost TWO full years away, but if it happens, I'm more than willing to wait. Now, doesn't that say something?

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    10 years ago

    Like no, I actually think that it is pretty great. Like I respect both athletes, don't get me wrong. But both stars only have a limited mood swing, so this match can get really boring really fast.

    Plus you would have to think business wise for Mr. McMahon, noone would want to see this match. Because every one would know the results. There is just no way in hell that Cena is going to beat The Undertaker, and if he does, Mr. McMahon is going to be the most hated man in America.

    Plus The Undertaker is loved by so many, and most people find Cena overated. So if this happens, there would be alot of heat and booing on Mr. Cena, which wouldn't be to smart if you are face of the company.

    If Cena wanted a match against The Undertaker, he should have done it when he was younger before he became the face of the company.

  • RRC
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    10 years ago

    Yes . Cena can make a match huge at Wrestemania .

    John Cena can really put up a good fight with the Undertaker . If we see Cena closely then we will see that he has never said " I Quit " in his life and also i think that he has never tapped out to any submission move ( i stand corrected here ) . It will be interesting to see how he fares in the ring with the Undertaker who mainly depends upon hell's gate ( his deadly submission ) to end matches . Also it will be agreed by all that Cena is much more agile and energetic than the Undertaker . It is notable that Undertaker has shown weaknesses to quicker opponents like Shawn Michaels . This fact would make it much more interesting as to how he does his job with Cena .

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    10 years ago

    Undertaker won't be around for WM 29, He's too old and his body is killing him for a man his size.. to do things he does. Therefore it wouldn't be a waste if Undertaker never face Cena at WM 29. Why does he have to face Cena. The Streak itself is a Legacy

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  • Gohan
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    10 years ago

    I think Undertaker should vs. Cena at WM28! That should have had The Rock vs. Cena at Summer Slam this year! But that are dumb *** retrad that just don't know how to book something right the days!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yes, but they can't just have him fade out, either. It would boost the hell out of Dibiase or somebody like that to beat him.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They had a feud already but yeah it would be a waste

  • 10 years ago

    the bigger waste is the apparent attention you pay to such a retarded form of entertainment.

    stay in school(or go back) get a job... contribute to society... stop being an idiot.

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