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修改英文作文 (急)

Never did I think I would bump into him at the valleys of my life. The sun was too hot to see at that day, while mist gathered clouds and raged storms inside my heart, I just had myself failed on my thirties interview. At the sight of his face, I recognized him —Confucius, a man had been influential to such an extent that his teachings and philosophy have been learned for more than 3000 years. The old man smiled and walked towards me. “Young man, I can see that the anger and frustration overwhelms you. Could you tell me what happened?” “I failed on my job interview again because someone bribed the examiner to enter the position. If I were a . “I feel sorry about that, but resent to the world is the last thing you should do now. Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from the inside. We think that hating is a great weapon to attacks the one who harmed us, but the harm we do to others, we do to ourselves, too.The commander of a large army may be carried off, but the will can’t be taken from even by a common man, so don’t let your confidence erode by the repeated failures, insisting on the thing you consider to be right. In my middle ages, I traveled around, encountering extreme hardship and danger, and nearly being assassinated on one occasion, but still had been unsuccessful in my efforts to persuade even one ruler to practice my words. Even though that, I still not changed my belief that if the great Tao had been prevailed than, the world have been like a commonwealth state shared by all, not a dictatorship.” “You receive no more than indifference, and got a negative result at the end.” “In cold winter we can know that the pine and the cy press are the last to shed their leaves. Throughout my 12-year-journey, bitter though it tastes, failure strengthen my will. I polished and proved my thinking from every experience and persuasion. I never faltered in my belief that the most important task of any ruler was to work for the welfare and happiness of his people.”

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    hot to see that day,

    just failed

    my thirtieth interview.

    anger and frustration

    overwhelm you.

    because the examiner was bribed by a candidate chosen for the position. If I were a. <----- What is this?

    resenting the world

    thing I should do now.

    Being angry is not healthy.

    hatred is a great weapon to attack

    do to others may harm ourselves, too.

    confidence be eroded by

    the things you consider

    Nontheless, I still did not change

    world would have been like

    not just a dictatorship.” “You were treated with no more

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    從來沒有想到我會在我人生的幽谷,撞到他。太陽是太熱了,看那一天,雖然霧收集雲和肆虐的風暴在心裡,我只是有自己失敗對我三十多歲的採訪。一看到他的臉,我承認他 — — 孔子,該名男子已影響到他的教誨和哲學有學 3000 多年的地步。這位老人微笑著向我走去。"年輕的男人,我能看到的憤怒和沮喪,蒙蔽你。你能告訴我發生了什麼事?""我對我的面試又失敗因為有人行賄考官,輸入位置。如果我是。"我感到惋惜,但近年來世界是你現在應該做的事。控股的憤怒是毒藥。它從裡面吃了你。我們認為恨是一種偉大的武器攻擊傷害我們的人,但我們給別人做的危害,我們也對自己,做。可帶走了大批軍隊司令,但將不能取自甚至通過普通的人,不要讓你的信心,削弱因屢次失敗,所以堅持你認為正確的事情。在我的中世紀,我周遊,遇到極端困難和危險,一次,近被暗殺,但仍然是失敗的我努力勸說練習我的話甚至一個尺規。雖然我仍然沒有改變我的信念,如果大道了比占了上風,世界已像聯邦各州共同的不是一個獨裁政權。"您收到冷漠,不超過以及末尾有一個負面的結果。"在寒冷的冬天我們可以知道松和 cy 新聞是最後一批落葉。12-年-旅程,整個苦澀的味道,雖然失敗加強我的意志。拋光,並證明了我的思維,從每個經驗和說服力。我永遠不會動搖我的信念,任何尺規的最重要的任務是為他的人民的幸福與福利工作。"

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