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Machete Laws in Ohio?

I have spent the last hour searching for Machete laws in Ohio. I have found none. By my classification a Machete is a Machete, not a knife or sword. (Though I know my definition may not be a factor) In short, my question is Are there any laws for Machete use/carrying/etc. in Ohio? I would prefer answers from actual Police officers here in Ohio, or people who have had trouble about theirs before. And do not just link me to a site unless it has the information I seek.


TMI- You are not helping.

Update 2:

KingOfBattle- I read that whole article many times, no where does it mention Machete's.

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  • Moore
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    1 decade ago
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    Machetes are not mentioned by name in any laws of Ohio. This is quite common because many laws on non-firearms are a deliberately vague so as to include new items that did not exist before the law was made, or to include things that the lawmakers did not think of.

    Ohio has a very simple but vague stating that it is illegal to carry a "deadly weapon" concealed on your person or concealed "'ready at hand" (i.e. within arms reach). Because only concealed items are covered within the scope of this law, OPENLY carrying or using something (whether it's a "deadly weapon" or not) is legal by default, due to the absence of a law prohibiting such. Now generally most people don't try to conceal machetes anyway due to it being pretty awkward, so as long as you have it out in the open or packed up so it is not accessible (like inside a hiking backpack or in your car's trunk) it's perfectly legal. Likely any blade instrument, don't go brandishing it at people and you should be fine. Chop brush down, carry it on your belt when go hiking, keep it in your trunk, hang it on your wall; all are fine.

    One last thing, with regards to stores selling them: They usually will not sell to people under 18, but that isn't because the law says so. It's because if a kids buys one and injures himself, they don't want to get sued by the parents.

    Source(s): I'm collect all kinds of blades, have research laws in all states and my wife is a lawyer. Here are much more up to date laws: is out of date.
  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    I've had that problem! I was swinging it, but I wasn't really gonna lop that guys head off. Ohio cops are soooo touchy!

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