Meaning of my dream about bugs and spiders.?

The dream was quite long and epic, but I notice I get less replies when I go all out and describe scene for scene, so Ill just skip to the part I am wondering most about.

I was bitten by a spider or something and I had a lump on my left hand on the far part by the wrist bone. I was playing with it and pinching it trying to get puss out. Then I picked up my cat and I petted him and there were hundreds of fleas on him running away in waves, I was turning him over spitting on the cluster of fleas and they fell to the floor. They started to run under the bed and I was stomping them. They looked more like beatles once they hit the ground.

Then I went back to pinching my spider bite and it made a crunch sound and I could feel and see in my skin the spider. It was inside the wound. So I held onto it at the base and kept it pinched and I went looking for my mom to help me pop the spider out like a zit or something. I went through the kitchen (it was my grandmas kitchen from years ago,) into the garage and was nervous of a spider biting me in there again.

Then I woke up.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The particular symptoms of bedbug bites are unique individually for each person by reason of quite a few unique aspects. Most often the actual existence of the infestation in your own household creates stiffness and anxiety and in various examples sleeping complications. All the sleeping complications commonly seem to be when a person is way too much bothered that they are going to be bitten by the these bugs. The particular bedbugs are commonly seduced by the Carbon dioxide persons release throughout the time of the night.

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  • demaio
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    3 years ago

    I had a few goals like this whilst I used to be an adolescent, nevertheless it used to be snakes crawling round within the kitchen--tons and tons of snakes. My feeling is that those goals constitute anything you're fearful of or anything that you're embarrassed approximately or that's an trouble to you reaching a target of a few variety. It's intricate to be extra distinct than that on the grounds that particularly, I do not know adequate approximately your or your existence or emotions to be competent to interpret your goals with any accuracy; I can simplest interpret my possess with any measure of simple task.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    then call someone to clean spiders and ants in ur house, this dream might be true so call NOW!!

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