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What can i do to prevent knee injuries?

I am a girl so i am more likely to get knee injuries that guys and i play soccer and i was wondering if there is a way i can prevent myself from hurting my knees. Thanks for your help.

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    You can prevent an injury by maintaining a healthy weight to reduce the stress on the knee joints. Eat a diet containing healthy fruits, vegetables, grains and low-fat dairy products. Take supplements, such as vitamin D, calcium and fish oil to also protect the knee joints, muscles and cartilage.

    Stretching your knees before a workout can also prevent injury. Lunges and squats are excellent for stretching sore, stiff knees. Try three sets of ten lunges and three sets of five squats. Ballet bar exercises are also good for stretching the knees as well as the entire body. There are several DVDs on the market that cater to exercises and stretches specifically for the knees.

    It is possible to hurt your knees just by running if you run too much without giving your body a significant rest period. Without it, you may tear or wear down the cartilage in the knees, causing an injury.

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    You can certainly kill your knees must you ski the bumps nevertheless generally no, skiing isn't too harmful. My dad was once a ski patroller for years and however skis all he can. He has certainly harmful knees nevertheless he does no longer certainly have an immoderate quantity of concern skiing. There's not honestly that such a lot strain in your keens. It's most of the time effortlessly down-force. What certainly tends to screw your knees is each constant jerking (avoided must you prevent the bumps) and twisting, which there's virtually none of in skiing besides you've got a nasty fall.

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