when is the inciting incident in the movie UP IN THE AIR starring george clooney?

i just want to be sure when the inciting incident is.i would think its when he goes to the girl alex house and discovers she has a family of her own..that changes everything because he was actually thinkin about "love" or taking things to another level.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I would say the inciting incident is the wedding. The visit to the girlfriends house was important but I think the wedding was maybe a bit more so. This is when he realises that there is something to be gained from being with someone, from having someone to love in your life. When his sisters fiancee gets cold feet he convinces him that he wants to get married, and by doing so also convinced himself that he wants someone to love.

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  • 6 years ago

    Sorry, Simon. I disagree. The inciting incident usually occurs at the end of the first sequence (in the first act). this is what propels the protagonist to take a different path. In this case the inciting incident happens when Ryan meets Alex in the bar. They make a "connection". Seemingly, they are of like mind and on the same wavelength -- independent, career minded and never wanting to settle down. But Ryan s attraction becomes more than he bargained for. Wedding is the contrast/antithesis to everything that Ryan stands for. But by the time the wedding takes place, it s too late for Ryan. He s already emotionally committed, he just didn t realize it. When he is convincing his sister s fiancee to "go get em" this is the "synthesis" part of the story. This proves that Ryan has undergone a transformation! A changed man! An inciting incident cannot possibly take place this late in the script!!! It would become a three hour movie!!!

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