Republicans: Whatever happened to "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs"?

You guys have had congress for about 5 months now and have not passed or even seriously debated one bill aimed at creating jobs since you guys took office. Am I missing something here?


"the government doesn't create jobs it just taxes them"

So why campaign on it?

"You do know that Congress consists of both and house and senate, right?"

You do know that Congress (the house of representatives) do actually debate legislation right?

Update 2:

"The Republicans would love to produce the environment for "jobs, jobs, jobs".

Oh Really? You mean like when your boy Boehner said If Federal Jobs Lost "So Be It". And Tax cuts, Tax Cuts, Tax cuts??? You mean like the Bush tax cuts? Yea what good that did.

Update 3:

@Dan: Free society? Oh you mean like back before minumum wage and labor unions when factory workers made pennies while the factory owners were rich? Yea, great times. As far as your government doesn't create any jobs theory, I would really love to see you explain to a cop or a teacher that they do not have a job. Really, try that.

Update 4:

To everyone else who clearly needs a lesson on reading comprehension: the question is not that difficult to understand. Republicans campaign on creating jobs, and have done nothing about it since taking office. For those who say "government doesn't create jobs" ... if you really believe that please follow the advice I gave Dan. But also answer the this question: If government does not create jobs then how can your leaders campaign on creating them? If your gana say by cutting taxes (republican solution for everything) then why have they not proposed any tax cuts aimed at creating jobs?

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  • Power
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    10 years ago
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    Republicans only do one thing COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN.

    They were complaining that Obama said he would get bin Laden then he got him & now they are complaining about gas & food prices. They don't think about it being that time of year when gas has always went up higher. They don't care that the price of gas to drive a truck of food went up when Bush was in office so food has to go up. They don't think or do anything constructive, they only complain. Poor republicans they are such victims. They say they own the businesses then complain cause they want the government to create jobs then complain if the government creates jobs. Where is that picture with the Obama holding his palm to his head. That should be the republican symbol. Trump holding his palm to his head or Palin or whoever they will want for Pres.

  • You do notice that not one of the Republican/conservative answers tried to rebut your main point. They know that the Republican controlled House has not created one single bill that addresses creating jobs or for that matter even one to hold on to the jobs that are out there now. They also know that at least a third of the bills introduced so far by the Republican House will eliminate either Federal, State or Local jobs and through that cause even more unemployment and economic stagnation.

  • 10 years ago


    Wake up, America.

    They have been in office for 5 months now and have accomplished nothing constructive for Americans.

  • Don M
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    10 years ago

    There is the matter of the Democrats still controling the senate, and Obama with his malicious veto pen.

    The Republicans would love to produce the environment for "jobs, jobs, jobs". It's called "tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts." It works every time it's tried.

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  • 10 years ago

    You silly kid, do you know your fearless leader Obama voted present more times than ANYONE in the history of the senate? He did not want people to know he was just a community organizer socialist piece of crap like you.

    In AMERICA we are not poor here look at other countrys NOW THAT IS POOR go out and make a buck you lazy liberal piece of crap

  • 10 years ago

    the government doesn't create jobs it just taxes them.

    Some small businesses may consist of someone filing their business "profit" on their personal income.. Making well over $150,000 a year but not rich by any standards of the word.

    everyone knows the GOV doesn't produce anything but paper

  • monkey
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    10 years ago

    The dem president is still at the wheel. Job creators are afraid of what his next move will be. Until there is a change in the White House you will not see too many jobs open up.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    That would require taxing companies that outsource jobs, or even reform trade agreements.

    That is just crazy talk!


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You do know that Congress consists of both and house and senate, right?

    Do you know who controls the Senate?

  • 10 years ago

    Yes. Obama and the Senate.

    EDIT: In fascist progressive land, it must be that ONLY the government creates jobs--and guess what? they are ALL by definition public sector jobs that leech off the private sector or enslave it. In a "free society", however--a term with which you maybe completely unfamiliar--the PRIVATE SECTOR not government CREATES JOBS.

    The government can ONLY encourage or discourage this process--so your (and James AKA dunce cap) theories and premise about government job creation are utterly faulty. You have no concept of actual reality, so your job CREATIONIST THEORIES are what are wack.

    Got it or is reality beyond your grasp?

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