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BMW problems and cost?

For my first car, I wanna get a BMW series 3 1995. It has 106xxx and it's only $3500, but my grandma insists it's a bad idea because of how expensive they are. How expensive can they be compared to like a Honda? They're both non-american this difference significant?

Also, how much more would insurance be?

It's Sunday and I can't really call anyone to ask.

I just wanna know basic like liability status.

Thank you, anything helps.

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    the e36 3 series are nice. getting kinda hard to find nowadays, especially all original ones. but Yes, BMWs are more expensive in almost every aspect. Insurance, maintenance and repairs will be a little more than your average honda. Gas will be a little expensive too because of fuel consumption. BMWs require high octane fuel such as Premium or V-Power. It can take Regular or Plus but the engine wont perform at its peak. Just be careful, a BMW with that many miles is prone to electrical and mechanical issues like a thermostat replacement, new front control arms bushings, new Valve cover gasket and maybe new tires.

    Im not sure on how much more insurance will be. It depends on what insurance provider you are with and how old you are. I am 23, I own a 2003 BMW and a 2007 Audi and I am paying $150.00 for both cars, I am with USAA. With me, it isnt really that much more expensive, its just seems more frequent when it comes to mechanical issues and thats just with the BMW so far.

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    I would definitely go with the Honda. For one BMW is very high maintenance and the parts are extremely expensive if you don't know anyone that is certified to work on them besides the BMW dealership. Secondly Honda gets excellent miles. And insurance on a BMW is crazy compared to Honda. I had liability only on my 98 7 series and it was 40 a month for the minimum everything, I only drove it periodically, and I had been driving for 5 years with no tickets. So definitely honda if you dont have deep pockets and you arent looking into spending a pretty penny.

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    If i were you i would purchase a honda (personally i dislike honda mainly pride reasons) but honda tops the reliability charts. Most cars when taken care of properlly can hit 350k miles without major problems.

    The insurance for BMW will simply be higher. Just because its a BMW (people like saying they drive a Beamer ><) Insurance also depends if its a convertible and who is being insured. If its you mom or dad with no tickets, no points, no accidents it could be around 70-150 full coverage.

    *Only a insurance agent can give you exact numbers*

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    There both pretty reliable cars but I think Honda is just that bit better on reliable Honda is a good car!

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