Does my resume look apealing?

Hello, Hello my name is Karen and I am currently a teacher which was my first real job, but I am looking for a new job related to my Bachelor degree which is Business. Since I am looking for a job a made some changes in my resume and I would like some help in edditing my resume. please help me. I will really aprecite any tips. In addition, Do I need to have the skills section?

Karen Cárdenas

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Career Objective

To utilize my college education, experience, abilities, bilingualism and other skills to assist in the creation of competitive and creative strategies to help the organization grow and prosper.


Certificates: Type 59. Transitional Bilingual Certificate (Spanish- English). K-12

Rockford College Rockford, IL

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management 2008

Regent’s College London, England

Semester Abroad 2005

• Studied International Business

Professional Experience

Brilliance Academy Rockford, Il

Math and English tutor January 2010- June 2010 & January 2011 – Present

• Provide one on one tutoring services to students with low academic performance.

• From the beginning to the completion of the program my students’ test scores increased 40% on average.

Legacy Academy of Excellence Charter School Rockford, IL

Spanish/ELL Teacher August 2009 – Present

• Promote achievement and bilingualism in an enriched educational model.

• Create and develop daily, weekly and yearly curriculum while and adapting it to the students needs.

• Interact with families and promote family involvement to support student learning which increase the student’s grade on average by one letter grade.

• Worked with district representatives, school director, clients and special education teacher to initiate and continually develop the English Language Learners Program.

• Provide one on one tutoring services to English learners students while working with a group of experts to identify and analyze and solve issues based on the data or available information gather from the service provided.

Banco Azteca (Aztec Bank) México

Loan officer/ Assistant supervisor 2008

• Assisted customers with their loan applications and help them resolved any issues that arose.

• Analyzed applicants' financial status, credit, and property evaluations to determine feasibility of granting loans and compute payment schedules.

• Negotiated payment arrangements with customers who had delinquent loans and came to an agreement 99% of the time.

• Worked with bank supervisor, sales man, technical writers, graphic designers and other companies to develop a new marketing approach which increased revenue by 10% of total sales.

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful, Loves Park, IL

Marketing Internship August – December of 2007

• Initiated the link between La Voz Latina and Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful.

• Assisted in the development of press releases and translated written materials from English to Spanish.

• Promoted the development of new and creative ways to reach fresh target markets while conducting environmental research.


Fluent in both English and Spanish


Strong analytical and problem solving skills

Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work as a team member as well as a team leader

Ability to communicate effectively through written and oral communication.

Organizational and multi-tasking skills.

Motivated self-starter with a strong desire to learn.

High proficiency in Microsoft office.

Able to adapt to new situations and environment

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    The resume is pretty good, but honestly I noticed quite a few typos/grammatical mistakes that you should fix before you send it out. You may want a second party to read the resume for errors, sometimes it's hard to proofread your own work. Your resume really needs to be error free, especially with your background.

    For example, from just one of the points on your resume.

    English learners students? (just English learners, or English students, not both)

    identify and analyze and solve? (identify, analyze and solve)

    data or available information gather from? (gatherED from)

    re: Provide one on one tutoring services to English learners students while working with a group of experts to identify and analyze and solve issues based on the data or available information gather from the service provided.

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    5 years ago

    Only address this if it is brought up to you. As long as your resume shows some stability - or more than a year - at your listed jobs I believe you will be fine. Placing it on your cover letter could be a negative for you as it appears to be an excuse. Being a person who looks and evaluates resumes at my post, when I look at a cover letter and it has what appears to be an excuse I tend to place them in the "Do not Call" pile. Without mentioning it and looking over the jobs and length of time at each I normally broach the subject of longevity during the interview. This is where people have further explained the job hopper like status listed on their resume. I have personally hired most of the applicants that fit what your resume sounds like due to the legitimate reasons that you have listed for leaving jobs. One can not fault "Life" for happening, no matter the reason.

  • 10 years ago

    You dont need a career objective, just highlight your strengths.

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