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Hard drive crash - data recovery possible?

I'm not sure this is the place but anyway, my computer was infected by a virus that "crashed" the HDD.

It is not possible to revert Windows(7) to a previous date or even re-install Windows. Now, im just wondering if there is any kind of data recovery software that might be able to salvage photos, videos etc.

Any help is very appreciated.

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    I strongly recommend you download this:

    Just scan your PC with it and it should recover any files that you lost. Good luck!

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    Isak, you need not to be worry because technology is growing fast and now there are lots of hard drive recovery software you can find on Google but select a good data recovery software from them by using trial version that will show you all lost hard drive data in preview then make a purchase.

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    Yes - since the drive is not physically damaged the files are probably still there but the ability to access them normally is lost.

    You can connect it to a PC as an add-on drive and see if the file structure is okay enough to copy them off directly. If not, file recovery programs are likely to find and recover the files reliably. Be warned, though - they can be very slow.

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    customarily, whilst a troublesome disk fails, it in basic terms "wears out" the shifting components. there is not any restoration from worn bearings without professional provider getting in touch. What a professional restoration provider will do is recreate the rigidity from the climate into yet another rigidity. In different words, in a sparkling room because of the fact the producer did, they'll take the platters and head assembly out of your rigidity and placed them right into a sparkling rigidity of the right comparable variety as you have. it relatively is extremely hard artwork extensive by way of lead hard artwork AND the "sparkling" section wherein the artwork is accomplished. New rigidity, your previous platters. ok, so at this element, it is attainable to study the full contents of your rigidity onto a thoroughly separate new rigidity. THAT expenditures a great style of money by way of guy-hours of hard artwork in touch and is no longer some thing which you as an end person can DO. How lots is this documents properly worth to you? this type of documents restoration provider gets relatively high priced, relatively speedy. That pronounced, does the rigidity "spin up" whilst energized? once you swap the means on, with your palms on the rigidity case, you could sense a small volume of vibration from the platter servo motor because it starts itself up; then you could sense the heads circulate because of the fact the rigidity performs an inner try. in case you sense and hear those issues, it is attainable to salvage the information. set up this rigidity as a 2d rigidity in yet another computing device. and then see what you're able to do with it. attempt to run SCANDISK or the different disk utility software you have. it is distant, yet attainable that SCANDISK can "restore" the priority despite if it is concerning to the itemizing and document device on disk. No ensures. it may additionally be that the disk is in basic terms "there" and you could then replica off the archives someplace else. it is properly worth a try a minimum of...

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