Is the Federal Branch of Government out of control as opposed to States Rights? Citizens Rights?

As America gave her sons for the United States Constitution, that the Federal is Limited. Why are we today not enjoying a Big Fat Over-bloated Federal Government. States Rights and Citizens Rights shall surely save us all from this endeavor, as All our uniformed troops gave their lives for you to have Rights. States, Citizen you have a Right to Cut the Fat Bloated Government down to size. luv; ser.


Alphlasha, I agree, but realize please the States have Power, as well as Citizen to stop this tirade. Please exercise your right to Vote. luv, ser.

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    Government is out of control in many respects. Government for past few administrations has used globalism to make profits for themselves, banks and business, all at the American citizens expense. We need to stop the third world we are turning into, especially in border states, and fight for states rights to exercise common sense....and to do this we MUST stop illegal voting with tamper proof voter cards (like Mexico has). Second, it's very important we vote in JUDGES who are for state rights!

    Republicans and Democrats are 'not' trying to get tamper proof voter cards for the citizens, are they? Instead they are bent on globalism and they are using us for our votes to keep gloabalism thriving!! How can we possibly keep voting them in again and again?

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    So what is happening? I have never spoke with or had honest communication with a Liberal women! They refuse to give up the idea that men and women are responsible for what they do?

    Let us look at the LOGICAL side and you will find few ladies that will follow. I could suggest I am raped, if in any prison of our day.. and I am a male. In the US all States rights have been circumvented to take your rights away. One may note that DNA proof is one that would convict a rapist, right? It does almost always! Looking at facts, DNA proved that 19 of 40, just in Texas prisons were innocent, it did NOT get them out! It took up to 3 years to get them out! Mostly because DNA showed it was another and they had to find that OTHER, before the innocent was released!

    \What is GENDER BIGOTRY and when will our media support what is right? It surely seems that if anyone, even the innocent, is in prison, it is a good thing, if the charge was rape!

    Is it not time that women who want truth and the convictions of those who do any crime, they are the ones convicted? We are told, by the Liberal media, that women are still not into having equal rights? I am unsure what rights they want? I do not see it as ending until all Heterosexual males are in prison because that is what it seems to be! We are not PC because we are for marriage and love women!

    If anyone wants another lifestyle.. do not ask us to approve.. we have a right to love you, and say no to what you accept! Male of female.. right or wrong?

    Source(s): We note that the alternate sexual agenda is for approval and not for love! Sex, is it not a personal thing and is judged by each of us? I or anyone, does not have to approve of farmland actions, or others in field or bed! Do you? We can love all people, but we do not have to agree what they do, no matter what! Earl
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    Is the Federal Branch of Government out of control?

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    In fact, legislators used to go to DC BEFORE they were involved at the state and local level because that's where all the power used to be.

    Before the era of political correctness and subsidizing good feelings.

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  • 9 years ago

    Here is the problem with the Federal Government. They blackmail the states into doing things by threatening to withhold money if the states do not comply with Federal programs. (If you don't do "x", you won't get money for "y".)

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    Despite the increase in the ferocity of your weather it seems you are unlikely to run short of soldiers.

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