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Do you think this baseball ticket is worth anything?

I have a baseball ticket from when the White Sox played the Royals where the white sox hit back to back to back to back (4) Home runs in a row. The game was August 14, 2008. Do you think it is worth anything?

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    No. It's not worth anything.

    About the only tickets that are worth anything are tickets for really BIG events, or if a PLAYER did something historic:

    World Series games where something big happened, like Larsen's perfect game.

    Early Super Bowl games, like the first one or the third one.

    Championship boxing matches, the older the better and most of Ali's fights.

    Early baseball All Star games.

    Also, if you can get a ticket that is complete and has not been torn off, it's worth a LOT more than a ticket stub.

    Sorry, but a regular season game where some team hit 4 home runs in a row doesn't cut it.

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    Eh. That was an interesting feat, but not especially appealing. Much would also depend upon the ticket -- is it one of the glossy ones with a team-related picture, or just a lot of printed text? (If it's a printed e-ticket, forget it. Genuine stubs only.)

    If you want to sell it, I'd suggest eBay or Craigslist Chicago. Don't hope for a lot.

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    Why would a used ticket be worth anything

  • 9 years ago

    maybe 50 bucks to a die hard white sox fan but other than that.....no

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