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Boenher said Job,Jobs,Jobs. Where are the jobs bills?

Whe had the vote on the job killing health care act and emergency legislation to de fund NPR. Two weeks off for "constituent work weeks". Where are jobs bills?


And for you Teatards, all legislation starts in the House. Don't push this one on Obama.

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    Boehner opened the session in January demanding an extension of Bush's tax cuts. Only after that passed would the GOP agree to discuss job creation. Then they started in on anti-abortion, and other extreme right-wing issues, like defunding NPR and overturning Obamacare. Jobs got lost in there someplace.

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    Getting rid of the health care bill would have resulted in turning around the job market. Many employers are dumping their workforce and replacing them with contracted temporary labor. This is a trend across the country. The cost of health insurance just went up on average of 30% and is expected to rise another 30% to employers by next year. Also in 2014, if just one employee refuses the employer provided insurance, the company will be fined $2,000 for every employee. That is in the bill.

    Union factories are moving out of their current states to right to work states so their expenses for employees are less. Some are still just moving out of the country.

    Add to that the EPA will start charging for carbon credits in July. I believe the news reported 200,000 new jobs last month, but 62,000 were at McDonald's. Many others were temporary positions. All at very low wages and little job security. People get minimum wage at McDonald's and never get 40 hours per week. Temps only work for a short period of time or may work there for a year and be replaced because by that time, these people want a permanent job. Some of the jobs were better but mostly for those with degrees in specialty areas while they are replacing people who may not have had a degree, just many years of service to the company.

    Putting the increasing cost of health insurance on the backs of employers wasn't a very bright idea. You will see some companies never exceeding 50 employees because that is when the mandate to employers kicks in. You will see those with a specific number of employees keep their wages under $25,000 because until they go over that amount, they get a tax credit or subsidy for providing health insurance. This whole bill is a job killer. How exactly do you legislate that the private sector hire people?

  • As every non-retarded person has always known, the ONLY thing D.C. can do to promote jobs is to stop HARMING the economy. The GOP has advanced bills to do just that but no Democrat will tolerate any such thing.

    Of course "all legislation starts in the House" proves you are not part of that group.

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    One thing at a time. He wants to replace Medicare with Vouchercare, first.

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  • bond
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    9 years ago

    The best thing government can do for jobs is to do nothing, or at least less.

  • Anonymous
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    Jobs bill is code for more spending that does nothing to create real jobs.

    The government sucking less money out of the economy would help create jobs.

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    Its not the government's job to write bills (laws) to create jobs.

    There job is to get government out of the way of job creation in the economy

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    You know the real agenda is to make Obama a one term President. Anything that helps America hurts the Republicans. They are not going to do anything to reduce unnecessary regulations, improve infrastructure or make financial statements more trustworthy at this time.

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    It is not the government business to create jobs. To do so is absurd. Only the private sector can create sustainable job growth.

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    the same place where all the jobs from the $800+ billion dollar stimulus from 2 years ago is......

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